Galveston Weekly Fishing Reports

Our Galveston fishing guides constantly update us with the most current and thorough Galveston fishing reports. See below for Galveston fishing reports from this weekend and beyond! We'll kick things off with the most recent reports and work backwards through all the reports from August:

Fishing Guides in Galveston, Week of November 19th:

Pictures from Captain Ernest Pillow's Galveston, Texas fishing trip.

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Pictures from Captain Jesse Francisco's Galveston, Texas fishing trip.

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Pictures from Captain Mike Cybak's Galveston, Texas fishing trip.

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Fishing Guides in Galveston, Week of November 12th:

"Shallow water reds and some big flounder have showcased our last catches. Still plenty of trout around the bay. Water in Galveston Bay is clear green. Best baits, live shrimp but artificial lures have taken their share of fish." -Captain David

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"Only fished a couple of days this week. I mostly used artificial lures. Live shrimp and lures seem to produce the Sam for anglers with the patients and skill to throw them. Still waiting on some bird activity. I guess we need 1 more cold front. High pressure days have made the bite tougher than we usually see this time of year. I fished a trout tournament this weekend had a top 10 finish with some dead trout to weigh in. That cost us a couple of spots.
Over the tournament weights were not very good considering the conditions were perfect ." -Captain Harry

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"The water temperature is going up it was 71 degrees on Wednesday. I been fishing the Baytown area catching a few trout, redfish and sheep heads. Trinity bay is good for catching trout on lures and live bait. Flounder fishing is hot in the Galveston ship channel and the Galveston ferry area. Galveston jetties good for bull reds. Need a cold front to help overall fishing. I got a few days left open in November." -Captain Mike

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"Galveston fishing is great with Redfish and Speckled Trout hitting hard, Flounder mixed in." -Captain Ralph

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"Fishing is red hot come get in on it!" -Captain Mike

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Fishing Guides in Galveston, Week of November 5th:

"Fishing been great in Galveston on our last few charters this week." -Captain Ernest

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"This week we only used artificial lures. Some days were better than others. When we we are catching the action is fast. When the bite quits it’s been a grind to find any other bite. Today we had our limit of quality trout by 7:45." -Captain Harry

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"Nice catches of redfish at the jetties along with some sheep heads. The Baytown area is holding some nice specks with live shrimp. Lots of birds in West Galveston bay. Water temperature is 68 degrees. Overall fishing is good." -Captain Mike

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Fishing Guides in Galveston, Week of October 29th:

"Galveston deep sea fishing has been great." -Captain Sergio

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"Galveston bay fishing does not disappoint." -Captain Ralph

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"Galveston redfish and speckled trout in the bays." -Captain Mike

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"This week the shrimp bite has continued to improve. We also enjoyed an artificial lure bite as well. We have been drift fishing from the boat. With the high winds drifting we have been making long drifts over scattered shell. I expect a good bite in the coming weeks fishing under birds. On a final note we have been enjoying a catch and cook meal at the Watermans Restaurant. The cook there has an awesome touch with red fish and trout." -Captain Harry

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"Another week fishing Galveston Bay, another week of happy customers!" -Captain Enest

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Fishing Guides in Galveston, Week of October 22nd:

"This week we had an all out shrimp bite. Couldn’t hardly get a bite on croakers. Most of the fishing this week was done from the boat. Popping cork was the the most effective method. Red fish seam to be more aggressive." -Captain Harry

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"The last few days the wind was up. The trout bite was good around 10am. The water temperature was 75 degrees, fish was caught on live shrimp and soft plastic. Still lots of birds in the North area of Trinity bay. This next week when the cold front come through this should help the flounder fishing in the Galveston channel area. Overall fish is getting a lot better. Thanks Captain Mike I got just a few days open in November. Stay safe." -Captain Mike

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"We're getting it done fishing the galveston jetties and Galveston Bay." -Captain William

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Fishing Guides in Galveston, Week of October 15th:

"Galveston bay is giving up redfish, speckled trout, and the flounder are moving in." -Captain Mike

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"Trinity Bay lots of birds over feeding trout. This is the time of the year to use soft plastic on a jig head. West bay is fair on trout and redfish, the Galveston channel is good for sand trout and a few over size redfish. This cold front should get the flounder moving. A good place to catch flounder is the sea wolf area with live bait and soft plastic. Overall fish will heat up after this cold front on Friday moves out. The water temperature is 75 degrees. Be safe. Have fun fishing also show respect for other fishermen. " -Captain Mike

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"This week has has seen an improvement in the quality of speckled trout. We had few dinks. Trout were caught in a verity of ways. Wading and drifting out of the boat with artificials. Also we were successful with cockers and live shrimp. The weather has been a welcome relief from the high temps of summer. While wading we were comfortable wading with out waders. But that will change as soon as the water temperature drops below 77 degrees. Red fish have been scarce for me this week. I’ll be working on locating them in the coming weeks. " -Captain Harry

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"Galveston fishing charters are catching em up." -Captain Eric

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Fishing Guides in Galveston, Week of October 8th:

"The red fishing has been good. The cooler mornings and clear skies have made for great days on the water. The redfish are starting to school some with a few birds starting to work. This weekend we will be watching storm Delta and praying for all effected. Next week after the storm passes we should see some great fishing." -Captain Eric

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"Great days on the water fishing Galveston this week." -Captain Shane

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"Can't beat it!" -Captain Mike

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"West Galveston bay has been great." -Captain Mike

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"West Galveston bay catch." -Captain Harry

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Fishing Guides in Galveston, Week of October 1st:

"Lots of fresh water in the bay last weekend ,but we managed a fair box of fish. We landed this huge Jack fish on trout tackle ! Spooled the shimano chronarch several times , but we idled along to finally boat him . Strong tides have flushed fresh water out of west bay and its officially starting fall pattern . Should be getting better and better as water cools " -Captain Steve

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"The water temperature drop to 76 degrees. The high North winds made the water off color. The rocks on the ship channel holding redfish and sheep heads. East Galveston bay bird action starting up. Galveston jetties still holding lots of oversize redfish. Today’s catch" -Captain Mike

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Fishing Guides in Galveston, Week of September 24th:

"Fishing was good right before Beta decided to show up. Been off the water few days and will get going here shortly. Speckled trout were good on croaker and shrimp and reds were good on live shrimp. All over shell and rock structures. Tight lines until next week." -Captain Michael

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"Well only one report because of the storm. I fish last Sunday for only a few hours because of the weather we had a great trip catching lots of redfish and trout in the Baytown area. Fishing will pick back up as soon as all the water run off and the low tides should move a lot of water out." -Captain Mike

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Fishing Guides in Galveston, Week of September 17th:

"Went out 105 mile to drilling rig. Caught black fin. Got cut short due to storm" -Captain Lee

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"Fishing has remained good over oyster beds. Croakers are still catching majority of speckled trout but live shrimp under popping corks are becoming a player. Fish are beginning to transition so they will be making the move to fall and winter places. Redfish are also starting to show up with the specks." -Captain Michael

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"Conditions were great, pretty water on the beachfront lighter winds today vs earlier in the week. Captain Mike's customers caught 18 sharks and 3 slot reds off the beachfront to the west, captain Dakota slayed the Big reds at the jetties and the 3rd boat also loaded up on reds in the jetty-channel area." -Captain Mike

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Galveston Fishing Charters: Week of September 10

"Had a great trip on Labor Day catching Redfish and Flounder out of the Baytown area. It looks like this weekend should be great. West Bay is still holding Speckled Trout which can be caught using live bait. A-Lease off the Houston Ship Channel is holding lots of Speckled Trout which can be caught on live shrimp. If the wind blows try Dickinson Bayou for Redfish." -Captain Mike

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"This week saw some ups and downs. We had a couple of tough days. We had a couple of days where we struggled to find keepers. However, we did land on some large Speckled Trout. We landed 2 25” Speckled Trout with several other fish lost at the boat. We ended the holiday weekend with a solid limit of Speckled Trout and a couple of other limits released. Catching Galveston Redfish from the boat proved to be difficult. This week we fished with live shrimp both under a piping cork and on the bottom." -Captain Harry

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Galveston Fishing Guides: Week of September 3

"Been a slow week business wise. Hurricane threat caused some cancellations. I took the opportunity to take some friends out. We had a couple of firsts. Steven caught his first Speckled Trout and Redfish on topwater, and my wife also caught her biggest Redfish on an artificial lure." -Captain Harry

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"A slow week of fishing. I had a trip out of the Baytown area because of high winds; we caught lots of Redfish, one Flounder, and two Sheepshead fishing along rocks off the Houston Ship Channel using live shrimp. West Galveston Bay was off color, so I have no report. Overall, fishing should pickup this Labor Day weekend." -Captain Mike

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"The bull Redfish at the Galveston jetties were red hot this week. Come get in on the action and book one of our Galveston fishing charters!" -Captain Jason

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Fishing Charters Galveston: Week of August 27

"It has been an above average week on Galveston Bay this week. We stumbled onto some fish that wanted live shrimp. Good thing because live croaker were hard to find. The Redfish cooperated a little better this week, as you would expect with live shrimp." -Captain Harry

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"Happy 77th birthday to my dad Lorenzo Meza. Great times with my brothers for his Bday. Put a little work on those fish." -Captain Mike

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Deep Sea Fishing Galveston: Week of August 20

"Sharks were biting on our trips to the Galveston jetties. Kids had a blast bringing them to the boat." -Captain Bryan

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Deep Sea Fishing Galveston TX: Week of August 13

"Fishing the middle of Galveston Bay has been productive. Live bait and artificial have worked. Biggest Speckled Trout this week was over 27 inches." -Captain David

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"Very hot days with temperatures over 95 degrees, fishing is still good in upper and lower galveston bay. Lots of sharks being caught near shore. The Galveston causeway is good for specks and a few reds caught with live bait. Overall fishing is good." -Captain Mike

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"It was a great week deep sea fishing out of Galveston. We fished for Amberjack, Ling (Cobia), Kingfish and more." -Captain Mike

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Deep Sea Fishing Galveston TX: Week of August 6

"Another great week fishing Galveston." -Captain Bryan

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"Galvston is on fire!" -Captain Glenn

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"Shark fishing in the Galveston Gulf a great day of catching lots of sharks up to 7 feet long around 150 pounds. Specks and reds good on live bait. In the Galveston Complex. Overall fishing is good" -Captain Michael

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"Shark fishing in the Galveston Gulf a great day of catching lots of sharks up to 7 feet long around 150 pounds. Specks and reds good on live bait. In the Galveston Complex. Overall fishing is good." -Captain Mike

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