Alligator Gar Texas Fishing Reports

Updated on August 10, 2022

Our fishing reports have moved! Please click here to head to our new and improved fishing report pages.

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Weekly fishing reports straight from the cameras and eyes of local guides in Texas. It doesn't get better than that.

Our Alligator Gar fishing guides constantly update us with the most current and thorough Texas fishing reports. See below for reports from recent Alligator Gar trips:

Texas Alligator Gar Fishing Reports, Week of August 25th:

Pictures from Dawson's Corsicana Texas fishing trip.

corsicana tx fishing trips1 corsicana tx fishing trips2 corsicana tx fishing trips3 corsicana tx fishing trips4 corsicana tx fishing trips5 corsicana tx fishing trips6 corsicana tx fishing trips7 corsicana tx fishing trips8

Texas Alligator Gar Fishing Reports, Week of July 21st:

"72" ,82", 83.5" ,83.5" x 35 on biggest, about 150#."-Dawson

corsicana fishing charter11 corsicana fishing charter12 corsicana fishing charter13 corsicana fishing charter14 corsicana fishing charter15 corsicana fishing charter16 corsicana fishing charter17 corsicana fishing charter18 corsicana fishing charter19 corsicana fishing charter20

Texas Alligator Gar Fishing Reports, Week of July 7th:

"We are catching 4 to 5 fish most days with several big hookups. The big fish there went 6'8", about 120#. River level is still high from wet weather early this year. Fish are moving into a summertime pattern, a little late this year but its showing now. I've still got dates for people wanting to get out and catch a monster."-Dawson

corsicana fishing charter1 corsicana fishing charter2 corsicana fishing charter3 corsicana fishing charter4 corsicana fishing charter5 corsicana fishing charter6
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