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Big Ol Mess Table of Contents:

Texas Fishing Reports

  1. Aransas Pass
  2. Austin
  3. Corpus Christi
  4. Dallas
  5. Dickinson
  6. Freeport
  7. Galveston
  8. Hitchcock
  9. Lake Fork
  10. League City
  11. Livingston
  12. Matagorda
  13. Port Aransas
  14. Port Arthur
  15. Port O'Connor
  16. Pottsboro
  17. Rio Hondo
  18. Rockport
  19. South Padre Island
  20. Surfside Beach
  21. Trinity River
  22. Willis
  23. Zapata

Beyond Texas

  1. Atlantic Beach (North Carolina)
  2. Carrabelle (Florida)
  3. Clearwater (Florida)
  4. Cudjoe Key (Florida)
  5. Destin (Florida)
  6. Fajardo (Puerto Rico)
  7. Fort Lauderdale (Florida)
  8. Fort Myers Beach (Florida)
  9. Hilton Head Island (South Carolina)
  10. Islamorada (Florida)
  11. Johns Island (South Carolina)
  12. Kailua-Kona (Hawaii)
  13. Key Largo (Florida)
  14. Key West (Florida)
  15. Marathon (Florida)
  16. Miami (Florida)
  17. Naples (Florida)
  18. Orange Beach (Alabama)
  19. Panama City Beach (Florida)
  20. Pensacola (Florida)
  21. Sarasota (Florida)
  22. St. Petersburg (Florida)
  23. Tallahassee (Florida)
  24. Tampa (Florida)
  25. Tavernier (Florida)
  26. West Palm Beach (Florida)

Texas Fishing Reports

1) Aransas Pass Fishing Reports

Pictures from Captain Brian

Aransas Pass Fishing Charters Aransas Pass Fishing Charters 1

Pictures from Captain Joe

Aransas Pass Fishing Charters 2 Aransas Pass Fishing Charters 3 Aransas Pass Fishing Charters 4

Picture from Captain Timothy

Aransas Pass Fishing Charters 5

Picture from Captain Trey

Aransas Pass Fishing Charters 7

2) Austin Fishing Reports

"It seems like the bass are still largely in summertime patterns. We are fishing large schools of bass roaming offshore following schools of bass. We are having the best luck targeting these bass with jerkbaits. You can also do well right now targeting deeper grasslines with a drop shot rig." - Captain Ander

Austin Fishing Charters

3) Corpus Christi Fishing Reports

Picture from Captain Gabriel

Corpus Christi Fishing Charters

Pictures from Captain Mitch

Corpus Christi Fishing Charters 1 Corpus Christi Fishing Charters 2

Picture from Captain Payton

Corpus Christi Fishing Charters 3

4) Dallas Fishing Reports

Pictures from Captain Milton

Dallas Fishing Charters Dallas Fishing Charters 1 Dallas Fishing Charters 2

5) Dickinson Fishing Reports

Picture from Captain Derek

Dickinson Fishing Charters

6) Freeport Fishing Reports

Picture from Captain Robert

Freeport Fishing Charters

Pictures from Captain Tyler

Freeport Fishing Charters 1 Freeport Fishing Charters 2 Freeport Fishing Charters 3 Freeport Fishing Charters 4

7) Galveston Fishing Reports

Picture from Captain Cody

Galveston Fishing Charters

Picture from Captain Cole

Galveston Fishing Charters 1

Picture from Captain Harry

Galveston Fishing Charters 2

"Catching big Drum using live shrimp in 26' water. West bay a few trout using live shrimp in 5 to 6 feet of water. Water temperature is still around 77 degrees. This cool front should help lower the temperature. Overall fishing is fair. Need a North Wind to blow the water out this would push shrimp out of the bayou and back lakes." - Captain Mike

Galveston Fishing Charters 3

Picture from Captain Reggie

Galveston Fishing Charters 4

Pictures from Captain Shannon

Galveston Fishing Charters 5 Galveston Fishing Charters 6

Picture from Captain Tanner

Galveston Fishing Charters 7

8) Hitchcock Fishing Reports

Pictures from Captain Mike

Hitchcock Fishing Charters Hitchcock Fishing Charters 1 Hitchcock Fishing Charters 2 Hitchcock Fishing Charters 3 Hitchcock Fishing Charters 4 Hitchcock Fishing Charters 5 Hitchcock Fishing Charters 6 Hitchcock Fishing Charters 7

9) Lake Fork Fishing Reports

Picture from Marc, Guide on Lake Fork

Lake Fork Fishing Charters

10) League City Fishing Reports

Picture from Captain Ralph

League City Fishing Charters
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