Everything You Need to Know About Fort Morgan, Alabama Fishing

Fishing Fort Morgan, AL

Perfectly positioned between Mobile Bay and the Gulf of Mexico, Fort Morgan offers easy access to great fishing opportunities in both inshore and offshore waters. Surrounded by thousands of reefs, endless backwaters, and vibrant bays, the amount of habitat holding fish is incredible. Fort Morgan has plenty of fishing spots for a variety of fish which makes it the best place to find your perfect trip.

Fort Morgan Inshore Fishing

Fort Morgan’s location is ideal for inshore anglers with quick access back into the Mobile Bay and out to the Gulf of Mexico shoreline. The vast network of water connected to mobile Bay includes endless flats, bays, and bayous, that are perfect for catching massive redfish, trout, and many other inshore species.

Big bull redfish are caught most commonly in the fall while the sheepshead bite picks up in the winter when they form tight groups. When the waters cool down, the inshore fish generally tend to move into shallower waters. Heading into the spring, big speckled trout start to show up and when summer hits it’s the perfect time to target flounder.

Bay fishing works well in the summer but when waters cool down, the fish generally tend to move into shallower waters. Many of the inshore species can be caught throughout the year but they may not be as big as they are during their peak season.

Nearshore and Offshore Fishing in Fort Morgan

Thousands of reefs and an abundance of underwater structures make Fort Morgan an offshore fishing paradise. There are a variety of snapper and grouper species that can be caught near structures anywhere from close to shore to far away deep bluewater. The offshore fishing only a few miles offshore is a blast with target species including cobia, mackerel, kingfish, and amberjack, all of which will crush bait and fight hard. Headed even further offshore, wahoo, marlin, mahi-mahi, blackfin tuna, and yellowfin tuna patrol these waters. With some truly giant fish landed out here, you never know if your fight will last minutes or hours.

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Fort Morgan Tides and Weather

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