Everything You Need to Know About Ketchikan, Alaska Fishing

How is the fishing in Ketchikan?

If you want to get off the beaten path for your next fishing trip, look no further. The difficulty of getting to Ketchikan is more than made up for by the quality of the fishing once there. Not to mention the stunning beauty of the area. Come in the summer for your best chance to catch great fish.

Halibut Fishing Ketchikan

You'll have two options once there: salmon or halibut. Bottom fishing for halibut will test your arms to the max - pulling up a flat 50 pound fish (or if you're lucky, up to 400 pounds) from the very bottom of the water column hundreds of feet down. But your reward is an incredibly tasty white meat fish.

Ketchikan Salmon Fishing

If you want to fish salmon, go no further - Ketchikan is often called the salmon capital of the world. You'll have great access to four out of the five species of Pacific salmon: King Salmon/Chinook, Coho Salmon/Silver, Chum Salmon/Dog, and Pink Salmon/Humpy. The limits and seasons are different based on what you choose to target, but regardless get ready for some action.

Places to Stay in Ketchikan, Alaska