Everything You Need to Know About Breckenridge, Colorado Fishing

Fishing Breckenridge, Colorado

Breckenridge is home to some of the best fly fishing Colorado has to offer. With a wide variety of spots close to town and fish busting flies in all of them, it doesn't get much better. With countless streams, lakes, rivers, and reservoirs within a short drive there are a ton of options for every angler to experience what makes Breckenridge so special.

Breckenridge Bodies of Water

When heading to Breckenridge you will have a variety of rivers to explore in search of your target fish. Located near the headwaters of five major rivers, you can fly fish the Blue River, Eagle River, Colorado River, Arkansas River, and South Platte River all of which have exceptional fishing opportunities. All of these rivers are full of cold pristine water with plenty of currents that keep the fish on the prowl. Additionally, several lakes hold large numbers of fish that prefer slower water and are a blast to target.

Fish Species Found Near Breckenridge

There is a variety of trout and other species to target in these waters including brown, cutthroat, lake, and rainbow trout, as well as kokanee and mountain whitefish. All of these fish will bust flies and give you a solid fight on light fly fishing gear. These coldwater fish are also known for being beautiful with vibrant colors and distinct markings.

Targeting these species is usually done with fly fishing gear which makes the trip that much more special. The light tackle gives anglers more control over the small flies and requires more skill to land fish. Flies used to target trout species are usually either dry flies that stay on the surface or wet flies which slowly sink once they hit the water.

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Breckenridge Weather

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