Everything You Need to Know About Cudjoe Key, Florida Fishing

Cudjoe Key Fishing Charters

The Florida Keys are stunning and when you factor in the fishing opportunities that exist here, you get a top-tier fishing destination. Located in the middle of the Florida Keys, Cudjoe Key is on the border between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico which brings fish from both bodies of water to the island. With an abundance of reefs, mangroves, and bays, Cudjoe Key has an array of fish habits that house bucket list fish making it the perfect destination for any angler.

Cudjoe Key Inshore Fishing Charters

With two oceans touching Cudjoe there is no shortage of fish to catch. The keys are known for variety, and that holds true for the inshore fishing here. In the channels and backcountry waters for snook and reds, on the gulf side as well as bonefish on the Atlantic side. Starting in the early spring, bonefish make their way into the flats and bays around Cudjoe Key and stay all summer long.

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Places to Stay in Cudjoe Key, Florida