Everything You Need to Know About Fort Pierce, Florida Fishing

Fort Pierce Fishing Charters

Fishing in Fort Pierce is a phenomenal experience with gorgeous views and exhilarating fish. The Gulf Stream combined with temperate weather and ample inshore habitat mean there is enough fishing to last a lifetime. The beaches and blue water make Fort Pierce a beautiful place to wet a line and have you coming back for more.

Bass Fishing Fort Pierce

There are freshwater opportunities if you head inland to fish Lake Okeechobee. Known as one of the best places to bass fish in the world, Okeechobee will not leave you disappointed if you're looking for a large largemouth. You don't need to go that far because every other house in Florida is on a canal. These canals have largemouth bass and other familiar species but are also home to exotic species like peacock bass and oscars.

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Places to Stay in Fort Pierce, Florida