Everything You Need to Know About Orlando, Florida Fishing

Fishing Orlando, Florida

What if we told you a trip to Disneyland could turn into the chance to catch the bass of a lifetime? If you have a few free hours, we highly recommend taking a freshwater excursion just outside of Orlando to catch some true sowbellies. Better yet, skip Disneyland and spend more time fishing!

Fishing Lake Kissimmee

The third-largest lake in the state and home to giant warm water bass, Lake Kissimmee is a bass angler's paradise. With a slightly more remote location, stained water, and thick vegetation this lake attracts less of a crowd but don't let that fool you. Big largemouth bass live here and targeting them is easy. Anywhere there is vegetation is the perfect place to make a cast. Largemouth bass in this lake routinely weigh 5-8 pounds and double-digit fish are not uncommon. If you are looking to set a record or just break your personal best, Lake Kissimmee is the spot for you.

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