Everything You Need to Know About Orlando, Florida Fishing

Fishing Orlando, Florida

What if we told you a trip to Disneyland could turn into the chance to catch the bass of a lifetime? If you have a few free hours, we highly recommend taking a freshwater excursion just outside of Orlando to catch some true sowbellies. Better yet, skip Disneyland and spend more time fishing!

Fishing Lake Kissimmee

The third-largest lake in the state and home to giant warm water bass, Lake Kissimmee is a bass angler's paradise. With a slightly more remote location, stained water, and thick vegetation this lake attracts less of a crowd but don't let that fool you. Big largemouth bass live here and targeting them is easy. Anywhere there is vegetation is the perfect place to make a cast. Largemouth bass in this lake routinely weigh 5-8 pounds and double-digit fish are not uncommon. If you are looking to set a record or just break your personal best, Lake Kissimmee is the spot for you.

Fishing Stick Marsh (Farm 13)

Although this body of water is only 6,500 acres of surface area it's consistently one of the top 10 bass fishing spots in the country. The ranges from 4-8 feet deep which means there is plenty of vegetation to target in search of trophy largemouth bass. With Stick Marsh being so small there is a strict catch and release program in place to ensure the largemouth bass fishery stays at its peak.

Other Places to Fish Near Orlando

There are several other lakes and waterways to catch largemouth bass outside of Orlando. The other quality bodies of water include Lake Toho, the Conway Chain of Lakes, the Butler Chain, Lake Walk in Water, or Cypress Lake. Florida is full of different lakes and bodies of water, but everyone swears by their own.

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Orlando Weather

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