Everything You Need to Know About Saint Marks, Florida Fishing

St. Marks, Florida Overview

Sitting on the Wakulla River 20 miles South of Tallahassee, St. Marks is a perfect example of forgotten coast in Florida. Although this small town is surrounded by wildlife preserves, refuges, and national forests, it also has access to some of the best fishing spots in the state. With stellar freshwater bass fishing as well as inshore and nearshore opportunities, St. Marks is an angler’s Paradise.

Bass Fishing Near St. Marks

The Wakulla and the St. Marks rivers are gin clear spring-fed hosts to a bass fishing experience like no other. Giant Largemouth bass and the smaller but unique Suwannee bass are the targets for freshwater anglers headed to the river. The Suwannee bass is a black bass species with distinctive black vertical stripes along with the typical horizontal band. Although small in size, they pack and punch and crush bait. The excellent bass fishing combined with beautiful water and peaceful surroundings makes this a truly exceptional trip.

St. Marks Inshore Fishing

The Gulf of Mexico is a productive fishery in general but the inshore waters of St. Marks are truly amazing. The bays, bars, and flats are teaming with a variety of fish species including redfish, speckled trout, flounder, sheepshead, and even tarpon. The trout in these waters commonly have a golden hue on their sides and make them distinctive residents of the area. With productive fishing everywhere you look, St. Marks is an ideal inshore fishing destination.

St. Marks Nearshore Fishing

Nearshore fishing out of St. Marks targets more open water and further out section of the Apalachee Bay. A wide range of species including snapper, grouper, cobia, kingfish, and Spanish mackerel thrive in these waters. Snapper and grouper species are targeted by deep dropping with bait while cobia, Spanish mackerel, and kingfish are more prone to explode on lures or bait while trolling. These heavy-hitting fish make for exciting nearshore fishing out of St. Marks.

Things to Do in St. Marks

St. Marks might be small but by no means does that mean there is nothing to do. With a rich history, check out places like the St. Marks Lighthouse and San Marcos de Apalache Historic State Park to gain insight into the region. If you are looking for relaxation, head down to St. Marks Beach and enjoy natural surroundings with ocean views. There are plenty of restaurants and bars in St. Marks and if you love nightlife, there is an endless amount of fun to be had.

Tides and Weather for St. Marks

Check out St. Marks tide times and chartshere, and weather forecast here.

Places to Stay in Saint Marks, Florida