Everything You Need to Know About Nantucket, Massachusetts Fishing

Fishing in Nantucket

Nantucket is an island with an incredibly rich history of fishing that remains today a hotbed for action in the Northeast. The city still has an incredibly active waterfront, and there are plenty of guided trips to choose from. Around Nantucket is a number of shoals and rips where the seafloor around Nantucket interacts with the current coming in from the Atlantic. This dynamic seafloor provides plenty of structures for fish while also causing countless shipwrecks over the years that add to the fish habitat. The Atlantic brings in nutrients and makes for a naturally healthy fishery.

Nantucket inshore fishing

Inshore action is readily available with plenty of shoreline to explore on the island. In the summer striped bass and bluefish are in full swing while cooler months mainly consist of sizable bonito and false albacore.

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Places to Stay in Nantucket, Massachusetts