Nantucket, Massachusetts Fishing Overview

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Everything You Need to Know About Nantucket, Massachusetts Fishing

How is the fishing in Nantucket?

Nantucket is an island with an incredibly rich history of fishing and remains today a hotbed for action in the Northeast. The city still has an incredibly active waterfront, and there are plenty of guided trips to choose from.

Around Nantucket are a number of shoals and rips where the sea floor around Nantucket interacts with the current coming in from the Atlantic. This dynamic sea floor provides plenty of interesting structure for fish (and the rips have caused countless shipwrecks over the years, only adding to the habitat for fish here). The Atlantic also brings in nutrients and makes for a naturally extremely healthy fishery.

Nantucket inshore fishing

Inshore action is readily available and mainly consists of sizable bluefish and striped bass, as well as bonito and false albacore - all fun species to battle on light tackle.

Nantucket Bottom Fishing

If you would rather bottom fish, fluke are around, as well as plenty of black seabass that both make an excellent dinner. You'll also likely hook up to a number of tautog and even porgy, which can be surprisingly fun as a sportfish, as well as plenty of other non-target species.

Nantucket Tuna Fishing

Offshore your main targets are tuna and cod, both of which make great eating, and even swordfish and marlin. Because there is no obvious structure here to corral the fish, this is where a guide can really come in handy, as they pattern these fish every day for a living.

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