Everything You Need to Know About Puerto Rico Fishing

Fishing on the Island of Enchantment

With white sandy beaches and lush rainforests all under the warm sun, it’s easy to see why the locals gave Puerto Rico the nickname Island of Enchantment. Puerto Rico has a rich history of fishing, beginning with the indigenous Taíno peoples fishing with nets made of cotton and palm. Today, recreational, commercial, and artisanal fishing are all strong aspects of Puerto Rico’s economy, tourism, and culture. With an abundance of fish species inhabiting these waters, PR is home to many major international fishing tournaments, including the world’s longest consecutively held big game fish tournament, the International Billfish Tournament. Beginning in 1953, the Club Náutico of San Juan’s Tournament Chairman, Chilo Bird, began the tournament by inviting some friends in the banking industry from the United States, and by 1956 tournament attendees were breaking records.

Fishing Puerto Rico’s Coasts

Puerto Rico Inshore Fishing

Systems of canals that connect lagoons cover the coasts of Puerto Rico. Mangroves that line the lagoons often host iguana and snakes, who locals say make up the mystery meat at local restaurants.

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Puerto Rico Destinations

Places to Stay in Puerto Rico