Everything You Need to Know About Lake Conroe, Texas Fishing

Fishing Lake Conroe

The four main species to target on Lake Conroe are largemouth bass, channel catfish, bluegill, and white bass (or hybrids). With a surface area of about 20,000 acres, this is one of the smaller lakes in Texas but is still home to incredible fishing opportunities. Despite the large stretches of plain shoreline, there are man-made reefs in several parts of the lake and plenty of submerged brush and stumps in the upper third of the lake. Make sure you know where you are going or have a guide because navigating these parts of the lake can be treacherous.

Lake Conroe Bass Fishing

Largemouths are the most common target on Lake Conroe, and with a record of almost 16 pounds, there are some sowbellies to be had. Largemouth bass can be found in shallow water near various types of structure. White bass and hybrid striped bass spend most of their time in open water or suspended near structure where they will school and hunt baitfish. Both largemouth and white bass can be caught on artificial lures or live bait throughout the year. White bass have become popular among anglers for exciting action and their delicious meat.

Lake Conroe Catfish Fishing

Catfish, particularly the channel catfish are popular gamefish throughout Texas and Lake Conroe. Commonly found in deeper water near channels or structure, channel catfish can be caught using a weight with stink bait or cut bait. Although channel catfish don’t reach the same size as some of the other species, they are still big fish that make for a tasty meal. With a cast and wait fishing style, catfish are the perfect target for a laid-back day on the water.

Lake Conroe Other Species

Crappie are very popular among most freshwater anglers with fickle but aggressive feeding habits. These large panfish can get up to a couple pounds and will crush live baits and small artificial lures. Crappie are also known as one of the most delicious lake fish possibly second only to walleye. There is an abundance of bluegill and sunfish which make for some of the best fast-paced light tackle fishing and is perfect for young or inexperienced anglers. Live worms or crickets are the most common bait for these fish and has been proven to be effective for generations. Small jigs can also be used and can make it easier to drop deep enough to target the large panfish.

Lake Conroe Weather

To make sure you are well prepared for your trip, check out the Lake Conroe weather forecast here.

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