Lake Conroe, Texas Fishing Overview

A short 45 minute drive from Houston, Lake Conroe is a bassmasters paradise. Offering awesome largemouths, catfish and bluegill and crappie in big numbers, and plenty of underwater structure, what more can you want so close to home?

Everything You Need to Know About Lake Conroe, Texas Fishing

What can I expect to catch in Lake Conroe?

Your four main species here will be largemouth bass, channel catfish, bluegill, and white bass (or hybrids). Largemouths are most frequently the target here, the record is almost 16 pounds, so some sowbellies are to be had. Otherwise, catfish and bluegill and crappie are in abundance.

Where can I expect to catch them?

Lake Conroe covers a lot of ground, and while the lower 2/3 of the lake are generally open water, structure can be found in the upper sections of the lake where submerged trees can still be found. In addition, TPWD has added a few man-made reefs in the lake to attract fish.

Largemouth bass can be found most commonly by anglers in shallower waters by cover, so this means by marinas and otherwise by submerged trees. Hybrid bass are easier to get in open water, and channel catfish can also be had on rod and reel all over the lake.

Places to Stay in Lake Conroe, Texas