Everything You Need to Know About Lake Travis, Texas Fishing

Fishing Lake Travis

Lake Travis was born when the Colorado River was dammed just west of Austin and has since turned into a booming lake with its own culture and population of both people and fish. Marinas and docks mean surface cover is extremely common in an otherwise rocky and steep lake. With dropoffs and points also harboring fish, you can find bass all over the lake. With some of the best fishing the hill country has to offer, Lake Travis is sure to produce and make your trip one for the books.

What can I Expect to Catch in Lake Travis?

Lake Travis is known for producing a ton of bass, and while they are not always double-digit giants, it’s not out of the question with the lake record largemouth bass weighing over 14 lbs. While “bass” is used generally there are a number of bass species in this lake to target including largemouth bass, spotted bass, smallmouth bass, white bass, stripers, and even the local guadalupe bass.

The fishing on Lake Travis doesn’t stop with bass, you can also catch sunfish, crappie, carp, smallmouth buffalo, and several species of catfish.

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