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A great day of fishing. Thank you Jordan

Paul M. with Jordan Machacek of Matagorda, Texas

Captain Jordan was an excellent captain. With a fishing tournament going on, we caught about twice the fish as any of them. For Matagorda Bay fishing, he knows where the fish hit. Also a pleasure to work with.

George K. with Jordan Machacek of Matagorda, Texas

Everything You Need to Know About Matagorda, Texas Fishing

Matagorda Fishing Charters

Matagorda fishing guides have been making anglers jealous for years. How they keep this unbelievably fertile and vibrant fishery to themselves and under the radar is one of the world's greatest mysteries. With bountiful fishing opportunities at every level, there is no doubt that Matagorda is home to some of the finest fishing in the state.

Matagorda Inshore Fishing

Inshore fishing in Matagorda is split between East Bay and West Bay, which are separated by the mouth of the mighty Colorado River. When a river meets the ocean it creates a healthy ecosystem full of coveted inshore species. The Matagorda Bay system has enough quality fishing spots to last most anglers a lifetime and deserve a place on your bucket list.

Matagorda Speckled Trout and Redfish

Characterized by shallow water and an abundance of structure, this is a perfect place to find reds and specks. Throwing lures or bait will be effective and for the fly fishing enthusiasts, there is no better place to target these fish. The biggest bull redfish will come into Matagorda in the fall while speckled trout seem to be at their peak in the spring. With an abundance of other species to catch like black drum, flounder, sheepshead, and tripletail Matagorda is an inshore paradise.

Matagorda Offshore Fishing

If Matagorda bay fishing is under the radar, then offshore fishing is definitely not getting the recognition it deserves. The offshore fishing out of Matagorda is exceptional and rivals other prominent locations in the state. From Matagorda, anglers access the Gulf of Mexico via the Colorado River. Once out in open water, a host of offshore rigs and natural reefs provide a wide variety of fish to target.

Matagorda Deep Sea Fishing Charters

Offshore anglers can target mahi-Mahi in the summer with cobia (ling), while wahoo generally run in the winter. Swordfish, sailfish, and marlin can be caught year-round out of Matagorda, but with the weather getting tricky at times in the fall and winter it's not always possible to get out there. Matagorda has a building reputation as one of the best destinations for giant marlin in Texas, and it won't be long before the secret gets out.

Matagorda Tuna Fishing

Anglers itching to chase yellowfin tuna, blackfin tuna, and even giant bluefin tuna will want to head out and troll the “floaters” or offshore oil rigs, and beyond. The yellowfin and blackfin tuna will be more commonly found schooling near these offshore platforms while the bluefin tuna will be more common even further out into the gulf. These tuna are fighters and while a small one may only weigh a couple of pounds, it is still capable of taking out line. With yellowfin tuna growing over 400 lbs and bluefin over 500 lbs, a tuna this size might fight you for hours. It almost goes without saying but these tuna all have exceptional flavor and are some of the best fish to eat in the world.

Things to do in Matagorda

Although Matagorda may not be a bustling big city there is a little something for everyone. From birding and nature parks to a museum and golf course you are sure to find something to do when you are not fishing. If you have children don't worry, Matagorda has a children's museum as well. If you happen to be hungry or parched there is everything you need from cafes to BBQ and several places to get a drink near the water.

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Whether you are looking for a day on the water or chasing a bucket list fish, Matagorda has it all from the bay to bluewater. Book your next fishing charter in Matagorda today for a trip like no other!

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