Everything You Need to Know About Lower Zambezi, Zambia Fishing

Zambezi River, Zambia Fishing Overview

It goes without saying that fishing on the Zambezi River is reserved for the dedicated angler. However, planning and going on one of these trips is much easier and more affordable than you may think. If your idea of a great vacation is staying in a resort on the river equipped with all the modern amenities you'd find at home, then our Zambezi River trips will be perfect for you.

The Zambezi River is the fourth largest river in Africa and is unlike any other body of water most anglers have fished in their life. It doesn't get wilder than casting for unique fish while watching elephants in the distance. Fishing the Lower Zambezi River is a truly remarkable experience.

Fishing the Lower Zambezi River

This large and varied river is home to incredible fishing opportunities found nowhere else. With the river transitioning from ferocious rapids to slow flat water, there are endless ways to fish the Lower Zambezi. Anglers can expect to catch huge toothy fish that crush lures and fight hard while taking in the incredible scenery.

While fishing this massive river you will have the opportunity to target unique species including tigerfish, bream, tilapia, African pike, and vundu. Tigerfish have a mouth full of teeth that look like something from another planet and they are known for chewing up lures. Vundu are a large catfish that can grow to over 100 pounds and is one of the most vicious predators in the river. Both tigerfish and vundu are now protected with strict catch and release regulations to help preserve these rare species.

Book a Zambezi Fishing Trip

Booking one of these trips has never been easier. Captain Experience's streamlined booking process takes the guesswork out of planning such an important trip. Let us handle the legwork, you just show up to fish. Contact us today to speak with a representative about booking your custom Lower Zambezi River fishing trip in Zambia.

Weather on the Lower Zambezi River

Severe weather can be dangerous especially when traveling in remote areas. To better plan and prepare for your trip check out the weather forecast here.

Places to Stay in Lower Zambezi, Zambia