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Awesome Trip!! Great boat and Captain Rueben was fantastic!

gregory g. with Ruben Garcia of Port Isabel, Texas

Captain Reuban was awesome! Caught several different species, Mangove Snapper, snook, reds, and specks! Great day! Seriously awesome boat as well!!

gregory g. with Ruben Garcia of Port Isabel, Texas

Captain Chris was awesome, we all had a great time! I’d go with him again any time.

Steve C. with Chris Jamail of Galveston, Texas

Awesome experience great time and the crew was great!!!

Armando H. with Leaf Potter of Freeport, Texas

We had a great time! Captain Bryan was a great guide we went home with a few fish.

Candace M. with Meghan Billiot of Galveston, Texas

Me and my buddy loved it. Great price and caught lots of blacktip sharks. Definitely recommend

Max R. with Shannon LaBauve of Galveston, Texas

We went out fishing with Captain Ricky. We had a great trip! Couldn’t have asked for a better day on the water! Captain Ricky is very knowledgeable and knows where the fish are. I would highly recommend booking your trip today!!

Rick E. with Troy Smith of Galveston, Texas

AMAZING! Captain Aaron was great. It was a day to remember and we will absolutely be back.

Jennifer M. with Rodney Harper of Freeport, Texas

Great Trip! We enjoyed ourselves and are going home with LOTS of snapper. Reeled in my first shark. Thanks Captain !

Lisa B. with Joel Brandenburg of Marathon, Florida

Captain Marshall was great! He will work his butt off. The Owners were real nice and knowledgeable of their business. Our next fishing trip we will use Outkast again!

THOMAS D. with Rodney Harper of Freeport, Texas

Everything You Need to Know About Blacktip Shark Fishing

What is a Blacktip Shark?

The blacktip shark (Carcharhinus limbatus) are a type of requiem shark, which means they are migratory and live-bearing. They are known to have a very timid personality, but are also very swift and energetic swimmers, often making leaps out of the water to attack their prey with their jaws full of 15 rows of serrated teeth.

They have a stout body, pointed snout, small eyes and long gill slits. Their name comes from the black tips on their fins, but they are otherwise gray to brown on top, and white on their bellies with a white stripe along their side. They also have a very strong sense of smell.

How big do Blacktip Shark get?

The average blacktip shark will grow to about five feet. This makes them a pretty moderately sized shark, but don’t let this fool you, they are well known for shark attacks. Although not lethal attacks, they are known to get aggressive around a potential food source, causing injury.

What's the biggest Blacktip Shark ever caught?

The largest blacktip shark ever caught was a female weighing in at 270 pounds and 9 ounces, and 6.8 feet long. After a hard-fight it was put in the boat by Jurgen Oeder in September 1984, out of the waters of Malindi Bay, Kenya, Africa.

Where is the best place to catch Blacktip Shark?

Blacktip sharks can be found in tropical and subtropical waters in the Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific Oceans. The Atlantic has especially high numbers in Massachusetts, North Carolina, and the Gulf of Mexico, near Texas and Florida depending on their seasonal migration.

When within these areas, you can typically find blacktips in water less than 100 feet deep, nearshore. They prefer muddy bays, island lagoons, and drop-offs near coral reefs. They can also be found in brackish waters like estuaries and mangrove swamps.

When should I catch Blacktip Shark?

Due to their seasonal migration, the best time to catch them will depend on the location and season. During the summer, they can be found north towards North Carolina and Massachusetts, travelling back towards Florida in the winter months. In the Gulf of Mexico, they can found year round, but are known to be best to catch in March.

How do you catch Blacktip Shark?

Blacktip sharks are not very picky when it comes to bait. They are of course attracted to chumming, but will also go after most live and dead bait, lures, and flies. Due to their ferocious fight, a braided line is highly recommended, as well as a wire leader to avoid breakage.

The most highly recommended procedure after setting your lines is to chum the area with a paste made of mackerel and herring, or to use live sardines. The smellier the better, thanks to their high sense of smell, they will be on the way!

Are Blacktip Shark good to eat? What are the best Blacktip Shark recipes?

Many do enjoy blacktip shark, as it is much more tender than most other shark, but it is recommended to be bled and iced immediately upon capture for the best taste. It is also known to spoil quickly, so be sure to eat it the same day if possible.

To cook, salt and pepper it, and then sautee for a few minutes on each side. Taste it, and judge the fat content. If it is lean, cook it less to avoid drying out, then add a squeeze of lemon and brown butter. If more fat, increase the heat to blacken and then grill it.