Everything You Need to Know About Golden Dorado Fishing

What is a golden dorado?

The golden dorado (dourado, dorado, river tiger, jaw characin, salminus brasiliensis) is a beast of a freshwater fish living in central South America. Golden dorado is actually a bit redundant, since dorado means golden in Spanish.

The breathtaking patterns of the Golden Dorado are why they're also referred to as "El Tesoro" (The Treasure). Their chrome-plated skulls, gills, and eyes are the true color of gold. Their hefty, chunky frame alludes to their status in the Casare River's food chain. Their jagged teeth command respect and retire streamers after one successful use.

How big do golden dorado get?

While the average size of a golden dorado is 15-25 inches and about 5-20 pounds, they can get substantially bigger than this, which is why they are so legendary on the fly and are a true freshwater river monster. Golden dorado reach maturity at around 15 inches and 4-5 years, and will reach up to 15 years of age.

Whats the biggest golden dorado ever caught?

The world record golden dorado was recorded at 51 inches and about 75 pounds.

Where is the best place to catch golden dorado?

An excursion to the Bolivian jungle will get you to your target. You'll experience jungle plane rides to remote airstrips, practically untouched wild rivers, unbelievably rich starry night skies, local indigenous guides, and ferocious giant Golden Dorado (and other amazing Amazonian species).

In addition to the rainforests of Bolivia golden dorado can also be found in southern Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, and northern Argentina. The golden dorado naturally inhabits a number of river basins and has been introduced more widely still. It prefers water temperatures from 68-82 degrees Fahrenheit and is somewhat migratory in response to temperature, season, and the availability of prey. They will move upstream in the Spring to spawn.

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