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Third trip this morning, and Richard was again a GREAT guide. He’s punctual, super friendly and very knowledgeable. He takes us exactly where we need to be and we catch tons of fish. We will definitely book with them again!

Camille W. with Richard T. of Willis, Texas

We had a great time with Tyler. He was an awesome guide, put us on fish and helped us with casting and we ended up had nice fish on fly and spinning gear. Devils River is an amazing place and worth the trip. Tyler made a great camp chef... we will be back for sure

Simon S. with Tyler C. of Comstock, Texas

Fantastic day on the water with Richard! Knowledgeable, professional and fun. Second time using CE, and not the last.

Camille W. with Richard T. of Willis, Texas

Had an amazing half day trip with Dylan on the Guad with my buddy Patrick. We hit the river fishing streamers and nymphs, landed trout after trout, got some quick pictures, and released em. Dylan was a great guide and shared some useful tips and thoughts on gear and is just a good dude to talk fishing, football, and the rest of it with. Would definitely recommend fishing with Dylan on the Guad or on the TX coast. -Jonathan with Captain Experiences

Jonathan N. with Dylan M. of Canyon Lake, Texas

Can’t say enough about Jake. 4hour trip and almost 20 fish. The boat, gear everything was top notch. I’ve got a lot of experience but Never fished in Texas. Jake was more than willing to share his knowledge and expertise of the local waters. Great trip!! Thanks Jake and captain experiences

Rick J. with Jake K. of Austin, Texas

Richard was awesome, he was very knowledgeable and loves what he is doing. He made our trip fun and exciting because of this. We caught some very nice striped bass. My largest I have ever caught. Great experience! Would definitely book a trip with him when down here again. Darcy and Bob

Darcy W. with Richard T. of Willis, Texas

Had a great time fishing with Marc!

Rodney H. with Marc M. of Lake Fork, Texas

Had a great day with Chris. Ended up with 5 rainbows, all between 12" and 18" which is a good day wherever you are. When you have that on beautiful day in the stunning Texas Hill country is it hard to beat as a fishing experience. Well worth the trip from Houston and I be back to fish the Guadalupe again before the spring.

Simon S. with Chris J. of New Braunfels, Texas

Carson is the man 10/10!

Joey B. with Carson C. of Austin, Texas

Jake is great! We booked a 4hr bass fishing trip on Lake Travis after reading his Captain Experiences page. As someone who has never done bass fishing, I needed to learn the basics. Jake was super patient showing us the ropes. We learned how to reel in, set hooks, cast and dislodge stuck lures. We also caught nearly 10 bass including a couple of Guadeloupe bass. I would certainly book again.

Satu P. with Jake K. of Austin, Texas

Everything You Need to Know About Largemouth Bass Fishing

What is a Largemouth Bass?

Largemouth bass are iconic freshwater fish of the US.

To help you truly understand how ingrained this fish is in the culture of freshwater fishing, the sheer number of nicknames it has will give you an idea of how many people have lived their lives obsessed with this fish: widemouth bass, bigmouth bass, black bass, bayou bass, bucketmouth, largies, Potter's fish, lake bass, line side, marsh bass, slough bass, welchman, Florida bass, Florida largemouth, green bass, bucket mouth, chub, green trout, gilsdorf bass, oswego bass, LMB, southern largemouth, northern largemouth.

And then if you want to add slang for big mommas the list gets even longer: lunker, hog, pig, toad…the list goes on.

The largemouth bass is also the state fish of Georgia and Mississippi and the state freshwater fish of Florida and Alabama.

The largemouth is a carnivorous member of the sunfish family and is native to the eastern and central US, but has spread across the country by being introduced in just about every pond and lake you can find on a map. They are a deep olive-green with black splotches on their midside to flank, sometimes looking like a set of diamonds that form a lateral line. And of course, the largemouth has a jaw that extends back beyond its eye (on smallmouth the corner of their mouth will not extend past the eye).

There are two distinct subspecies of largemouth bass and both have been introduced broadly. The Florida largemouth is the larger of the two, and the northern largemouth is the smaller. The Florida largemouth will also grow faster, and thus is a more sought after fish to stock.

How big do Largemouth Bass get?

The largemouth bass is the largest of the black basses. They can live up to 10 years or so in the wild and a true lunker can reach over 25 inches and over 20 pounds (with bigger sizes rumored to be out there somewhere…), although this is far from common.

An average good largemouth bass might be closer to 15-18 inches and about 3-4 pounds.

Due to sexual dimorphism (when one gender is substantially different from the other), the females are much larger than the males and are much more sought as a gamefish.  

What's the biggest Largemouth Bass ever caught?

The largemouth bass all-tackle record is one of the most sought after of all fishing prizes.

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