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My wife and I did a half day (4hr) trip and had a blast. Captain and deckhand we’re both really nice. Caught some mahi which they filleted for us. Highly recommend for anyone traveling to Punta Cana!

Nicholas C. with Edgar A. of Punta Cana, La Altagracia Province

Captain Conan and Alyssa were excellent. Here is a picture of me, Captain Conan and the giant Jack we caught (we used a blackfin tuna we caught earlier in the charter). He is clearly an experienced captain with an ability to put clients on fish.

Danny F. with Conan Y. of Islamorada, Florida

We had a great time fishing. John was great knowledgeable and did everything he could to make the fishing trip successful for us. We would reccomend Captain Experience to anybody. We will definitely be booking it again when we go back to Key West.

Eve T. with Mark B. of Key West, Florida

Everying as promised. If you want a fishing experience captain Dale is your man. We had an amazing day and Dale and Jack took care of us. Can't say enough about the experience and we had ages 8 to 80 involved. Great times aboard the Sea Strike.

Tom H. with Dale L. of Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

BEST EXPERIENCE & EATS We booked our offshore fishing charter last-minute (the day before we left), it ended up being the best part of our trip. We can’t wait to come back! Captain Conan contacted us the evening prior to discuss a game plan and let us know exactly what we needed for preparation. Being our first offshore fishing adventure and having two kids, this was much appreciated. The waters were predicted to be somewhat rough with a wind presence. Conan emphasized maintaining safety as his priority despite the conditions. I can say we all felt safe for the duration of our trip. Capt. Conan and his First Mate, Alyssa, met us at the docks and helped the kids onto the boat. ‘Just One More’ was ready to go: cooler was filled with ice for our food/ drinks; bluetooth hookup to speakers for necessary offshore soundtracks; bean bags available on deck for kids to chill in. As we headed offshore, Alyssa pointed out the dolphins, sea turtles and jelly fish we saw along the way. Our offshore targets were dynamic, ranging from sailfish to permit; barracudas to snapper and barjack. We were able to hook many large fish, including barracuda (catch & release) plus a yellow barjack and many yellowtail snapper, which we were able to keep for eating. Conan processed our catch upon return to the dock, and also recommended a local restaurant to prepare our fish/ his go-to menu selections, which ended up being our best meal of the trip. The ‘Just One More’ is a safe, clean, comfortable and spacious boat. Captain Conan proved to be just as passionate as he is knowledgeable when it comes to offshore fishing. Rather than simply looking to make a dollar, he cares to really create an experience for his customers. Conan was able appeal to both the kids and the provide thrill for the adults on our trip.

Beth P. with Conan Y. of Islamorada, Florida

Where do I begin…AMAZING! From the moment we boarded it was 5 star. Captain David was a true pro and the guides were talented, friendly, and made the whole experience next level. I’ll never forget my day with Blue Sky Cabo! Shark ✔️ Marlin ✔️ & we got to meet a sea lion. Not to forget the countless dolphins putting on a show and a breathtaking whale breach. Exceptional. Highly recommended.

Drew C. with Jim K. of Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur

Great big boat, and captain that spoke English and is very knowledgeable

Aaron A. with Edgar A. of Punta Cana, La Altagracia Province

It was great even though we had a little bad weather. The Captain was awesome and put use on fish right when we left. The deck hand was great and helped everyone out and kept us going. I would so use them again and again.

JAMES C. with Harold S. of Destin, Florida

Raul and Captain Pepe were awesome! Captain Pepe is one of the best fishermen I've ever fished with and often fishes in large tournaments. We caught a marlin and mahi-mahi and later got the mahi-mahi prepared to eat at a restaurant. The only critique is Captain Pepe's English wasn't very good if you weren't talking about fishing, but regardless he knew everything there is to know about fishing. Highly recommend.

Nicolas P. with Raul S. of Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur

Absolutely, hands down the BEST experience!! Captain Lee and crew were awesome, fun, and great with the boys!! If you don’t go with this crew, you are missing out.

Jodye S. with Lee C. of Galveston, Texas

Everything You Need to Know About Sailfish Fishing

What is a Sailfish?

The sailfish (Istiophorus platypterus) is most recognizable for it’s large dorsal fin, or sail, that stretches along their entire back. Known as the cheetah of the ocean, they are some of the fastest marine creatures alive, swimming up to 70 miles per hour, making them highly prized by anglers despite being one of the smaller species of billfish.

Other distinguishing characteristics of sailfish are their blue to gray coloring, and elongated bill. These colors will change into rust color and even black while hunting. There are two types of sailfish, the Pacific Sailfish, and the Atlantic Sailfish, who reside in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans respectively.

How big do Sailfish get?

Sailfish grow quickly, being born at 0.125 inches long, and getting up to four to five feet within a single year. At full maturity, they can grow upwards of 10 feet long and 200 pounds.

That being said, there tends to be a size difference between the Atlantic and Pacific sailfishes. Pacific sailfish can get up to up to a foot longer than the biggest Atlantic sailfish. They can also be much heavier, by up to 70 pounds.

What's the biggest Sailfish ever caught?

In 1947, Carl Stewart caught the largest sailfish ever recorded. It was a Pacific sailfish landed out of the waters of Santa Cruz Island in Ecuador. This giant weighed in over 220 pounds, and was over 11 feet long.

Where is the best place to catch Sailfish?

Sailfish are spread across tropical and subtropical waters, staying in preferred water temperatures of 70 to 83 degrees.

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