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It was great even though we had a little bad weather. The Captain was awesome and put use on fish right when we left. The deck hand was great and helped everyone out and kept us going. I would so use them again and again.

JAMES C. with Harold Staples of Destin, Florida

Raul and Captain Pepe were awesome! Captain Pepe is one of the best fishermen I've ever fished with and often fishes in large tournaments. We caught a marlin and mahi-mahi and later got the mahi-mahi prepared to eat at a restaurant. The only critique is Captain Pepe's English wasn't very good if you weren't talking about fishing, but regardless he knew everything there is to know about fishing. Highly recommend.

Nicolas P. with Raul Solis of Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur

Absolutely, hands down the BEST experience!! Captain Lee and crew were awesome, fun, and great with the boys!! If you don’t go with this crew, you are missing out.

Jodye S. with Lee Crisler of Galveston, Texas

My family and I had an awesome time with. Capt. Phil. The boat was clean and no fishy smell. He took us to a spot that has non stop action catching mahi mahi Dophin and a barracuda. He was friendly, super chill and an expert at sea. My kids love him. We definitely will ring him up next time we're in key west. Thank you! We had a blast at sea today.

Mimi L. with Mark Baumgarten of Key West, Florida

Captain Casey was very professional and knowledgeable. His 2 crew were very experienced, and his boat is a fishing machine. On our full day charter we experienced bad weather and had to cut the trip short. A minor leak in a tranny hose kept us from traveling at full speed on our return to the marina, so it took a little longer than expected. Casey offered us a free half day trip the following day, which i thought was a very professional way to handle this. Based on our short time in Cabo we couldnt take him up on this, so he reduced my fee to a half day charter. Again a very professional way to handle this. We didnt catch the fish we hoped for, but i have no issues with booking with Casey on my next trip to Cabo.

Dave E. with Casey Carter of Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur

I thought Ann was great! She was personable and knowledgeable

David H. with Ann Johnston of Freeport, Texas

This trip was amazing! Captain Lee really worked hard to get us on the fish. We caught fish all day long - red snapper, king fish and even a mangrove snapper. We had the best time. In my honest opinion, Captain Lee is the best and has my highest recommendation. It's money well spent if you haven't booked with him or maybe thinking about it, I say do it. He's great! A great time with a great captain and crew.

Jill B. with Lee Crisler of Galveston, Texas

Capt. Emilio and his crew were professional, attentive, and knowledgeable. My son and I were given options regarding what kind of fishing we wanted to do and they obliged. I give Capt Emilio a very high recommendation and would definitely fish with him again.

David B. with Emilio Solis of South Padre Island, Texas

Having fished all over North America, I can say without a doubt that this was the easiest & most successful fishing venture I've ever been on! The awesome staff at Captain Experiences helped me understand which charter out of Cabo would be best for my group, and Captain Raul & his team led by Captain Pepe over delivered! We caught plenty of fish including some massive yellowtails, spent the sunrise watching enormous whales breach the surface, and wrapped up the day with some fresh sashimi from our catch. We had first-time fishers and lifelong anglers on the boat and everyone left in fantastic spirits! Looking forward to doing it all again on our next trip to Cabo!

Graham H. with Raul Solis of Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur

A great day on the water with a view of Old San Juan in the back ground. Boat was fully out fitted and the Captain and mate work like a well oiled machine. Great gear, fully stocked cooler, and and fish on. What more can you say?

Andrew C. with Angel Muntaner of San Juan, Puerto Rico

Everything You Need to Know About Sailfish Fishing

What is a Sailfish?

The sailfish (Istiophorus platypterus) is most recognizable for it’s large dorsal fin, or sail, that stretches along their entire back. Known as the cheetah of the ocean, they are some of the fastest marine creatures alive, swimming up to 70 miles per hour, making them highly prized by anglers despite being one of the smaller species of billfish.

Other distinguishing characteristics of sailfish are their blue to gray coloring, and elongated bill. These colors will change into rust color and even black while hunting. There are two types of sailfish, the Pacific Sailfish, and the Atlantic Sailfish, who reside in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans respectively.

How big do Sailfish get?

Sailfish grow quickly, being born at 0.125 inches long, and getting up to four to five feet within a single year. At full maturity, they can grow upwards of 10 feet long and 200 pounds.

That being said, there tends to be a size difference between the Atlantic and Pacific sailfishes. Pacific sailfish can get up to up to a foot longer than the biggest Atlantic sailfish. They can also be much heavier, by up to 70 pounds.

What's the biggest Sailfish ever caught?

In 1947, Carl Stewart caught the largest sailfish ever recorded. It was a Pacific sailfish landed out of the waters of Santa Cruz Island in Ecuador. This giant weighed in over 220 pounds, and was over 11 feet long.

Where is the best place to catch Sailfish?

Sailfish are spread across tropical and subtropical waters, staying in preferred water temperatures of 70 to 83 degrees. They stay close to the surface, usually alone or in small groups, sometimes schooling when hunting.

In the Atlantic, one of the best places to target sailfish is Florida. There are hotspots along the entire Floridian coast, including Miami, the Keys, the Panhandle, and Destin. Outside of the United States, some of the top areas are Bermuda, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii.

When in the Pacific, Guatemala and Costa Rica are the go-to places. For the best of both Pacific and Atlantic oceans, head to Mexico, where you can go to either coast for access.

When should I catch Sailfish?

Sailfish are typically good to fish year-round, it just depends on where they are in their migration to make sure you’re headed to the right area. For example Eastern Atlantic Sailfish have a seasonal migration south towards warmer waters, so the best time to target them is November through February. Peak season worldwide though tends to be from May to September, especially in July, since summer is the sailfish’s spawning season.

How do you catch Sailfish?

The most common way to hook a sailfish is by fast trolling, using artificial or natural bait. Artificials typically used are plastic lures, feathers, or spoons. Natural bait is preferred, however, and can be live or dead and cut into strips, with options like mullet, ballyhoo, or mackerel. Other methods like jigs, poppers, kite fishing, and fly fishing can also be used.

The “dropback” technique is highly recommended for sailfish. To do so, you should feed line to the sailfish once it is spotted approaching the bait. Continue to free spool until you’re sure that the bait has been taken, then set the drag, wait until there is no more slack, set the hook and get ready to fight. Sailfish are know for their acrobatic leaps, shaking their head, and tail-walking, which is where they skip across the water using their tails.

Are Sailfish good to eat? What are the best Sailfish recipes?

Much like other billfish, sailfish are most often caught and released. They are edible, however they are not considered the most palatable since the meat tends to be very tough, and they also have a high mercury content.