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We had a great time with Tyler. He was an awesome guide, put us on fish and helped us with casting and we ended up had nice fish on fly and spinning gear. Devils River is an amazing place and worth the trip. Tyler made a great camp chef... we will be back for sure

Simon S. with Tyler C. of Comstock, Texas

Randy and his crew run an excellent operation. Great with communication in getting set for the trip, and made sure everything was smooth. Bobby was our guide for the evening and he was extremely knowledgable on not only alligators, but all the wildlife in the area. We were able to take a tour of the lake and see different birds, snails, and local flora. Then watched the sun go down from the perfect picturesque spot. After that, we went to go see the alligators and he showed us how to spot them. My family had an excellent time and were raving about it the rest of the weekend. Definitely a highlight of our time in the Orlando area!

Shawna S. with Randy D. of Kissimmee, Florida

Had an amazing half day trip with Dylan on the Guad with my buddy Patrick. We hit the river fishing streamers and nymphs, landed trout after trout, got some quick pictures, and released em. Dylan was a great guide and shared some useful tips and thoughts on gear and is just a good dude to talk fishing, football, and the rest of it with. Would definitely recommend fishing with Dylan on the Guad or on the TX coast. -Jonathan with Captain Experiences

Jonathan N. with Dylan M. of Canyon Lake, Texas

Had a great day with Chris. Ended up with 5 rainbows, all between 12" and 18" which is a good day wherever you are. When you have that on beautiful day in the stunning Texas Hill country is it hard to beat as a fishing experience. Well worth the trip from Houston and I be back to fish the Guadalupe again before the spring.

Simon S. with Chris J. of New Braunfels, Texas

Carson is the man 10/10!

Joseph B. with Carson C. of Austin, Texas

Great friendly guide. Worked hard to find fish

Logan H. with Carson C. of Austin, Texas

Had the best time with Captain Carson. It was our first time bass fishing outside the Midwest and he was an excellent guide and great at teaching us some new techniques. He was very knowledgable about the area, and has experience with all sorts of fishing from river and lake to offshore. Shared some great stories, had an awesome experience, and plan to be going out again! Thanks again Carson!

Shawna S. with Carson C. of Austin, Texas

As a beginner, I was nervous to go out on my first fly fishing trip, but Chris made the experience incredible! I was able to reel in 4 fish (my boyfriend reeled in another 5), including some rainbow and brown trout. However, the best part wasn't actually catching anything but learning the technique and patience that goes into fly fishing. Chris was a great instructor! Would absolutely book again or recommend to a friend!

Ansley W. with Chris J. of New Braunfels, Texas

Everything You Need to Know About Smallmouth Bass Fishing

What is a Smallmouth Bass?

Smallmouth Bass (Micropterus dolomieu), sometimes referred to as bronzeback, brown bass, brownie, smallie, bronze bass, or bareback bass, are a very popular freshwater gamefish known for their incredible fighting abilities. This member of the sunfish family have a slender but muscular body that make them powerful swimmers.

They range in color from a golden olive to dark brown, that shades into a yellowish white with dark brown vertical stripes or splotches along their body, with dark brown horizontal stripes on their head. With this camouflaging and their powerful swimming, they make excellent ambush predators.

There are two subspecies of smallmouth bass. These include the Northern smallmouth bass (M. dolomieui dolomieui) and the Neosho smallmouth bass (M. dolomieui velox). The Northern smallmouth bass are widespread through North America, where as the Neosho are found in the Central Interior Highlands which are found in southwestern Missouri, northern Arkansas and northeastern Oklahoma.

How big do Smallmouth Bass get?

Male smallmouth bass usually max out at about two pounds, where as females will on average be three to six pounds. For either gender, smallmouth bass that live in lakes tend to be larger than those that live in streams and ponds.

What's the biggest Smallmouth Bass ever caught?

The IGFA lists the all-tackle world record smallie at 11 pounds, 15 ounces and 27 inches in length. It was caught by David Hayes out of Dale Hollow Lake, Tennessee on July 9th, 1955. He brought it back to the Cedar Hill Resort, now known as the Dale Hollow Marina, to be weighed.

Where is the best place to catch Smallmouth Bass?

Smallmouth bass are native to the Great Lakes and southeastern Canada, as well as areas of the mid-south in Tennessee, Alabama, and Oklahoma.

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