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While the fish bites were sporadic at best, we landed 2 fish with 4 total bites. We had a good time!!!

Scott S. with Armando M. of Carolina, Carolina

Fantastic trip with Captain Carlos. He worked hard to make everything pleasant and exciting. Definitely recommend!!

Tom D. with Armando M. of Carolina, Carolina

We really enjoyed the trip, Ruben was great 👍

Maricela R. with Ruben G. of Port Isabel, Texas

It was so much fun, Ruben was great 👍

Maricela R. with Ruben G. of Port Isabel, Texas

Couldn’t have asked for a better guide. Captain Mark gave us the options of what to go after and he put us on the fish! Can’t wait to go back!

Daniel K. with Mark G. of Islamorada, Florida

My wife and I had an excellent experience with Captain Alex. We were looking for a half day trip and booked with him not having any personal reference from someone we knew. What a good luck of the draw. He not only put us on fish but was continually working bait and rigs. Couple that with his good nature and pleasant conversation and you have a great day on the water. We will definitely be booking him for our next trip in Key Largo.

Jeff M. with Alex M. of Key Largo, Florida

Great trip with a great guide. Captain Juan got us on fish and created a great experience for our group of 4. Highly recommend him.

Jonathan L. with Juan H. of St. Petersburg, Florida

Dylan was great. Very professional, helped with our girls having a great time. I would highly recommend him.

Robert C. with Dylan H. of Fort Myers, Florida

I wish I could give Captain Mark more than 5 stars! My two sons and I caught a ton of fish -- mackerel, snapper, trout, bluefish and more. Captain Mark knew the area, took us right where we needed to be and made sure we were set up for success. We wanted enough for a dinner, and we needed to buy a cooler to bring it all home. Captain Mark is a class act, we'll definately be back again, and will refer to friends who visit the Keys.

Tom A. with Mark G. of Islamorada, Florida

Captain Andrew and his son Clay did an absolutely tremendous job. They found the fish and took great care of us. A very fun trip.

Sam H. with Andrew A. of Key Largo, Florida

Everything You Need to Know About Snook Fishing

What is a Snook?

The common snook (Centropomus undecimalis) is a marine fish, also known as the sergeant fish or robalo. These nicknames actually come from outdated terminology from prior classification of the fish. The family of snook itself actually contains six species in the atlantic, and six in the Pacific.

They have a gray to golden coloration, with a distinctive black line running horizontally from their front to back, and bright yellow pelvic and caudal fins. Snook have a very sleek, slender body with a sloped forehead.

How big do Snook get?

Common snook can grow to over four feet long, but on average are only about one and a half feet long. Snook on the Atlantic coast tend to be larger than those in the gulf. However, Pacific snook will outweigh Atlantic snook any day. Females of both sides also tend to be larger than males.

What's the biggest Snook ever caught?

The IGFA all-tackle world record is a 53 pound, 10 ounce monster of a snook, caught by Gilbert Ponzi. It was caught in Parismina Ranch in Costa Rica, out of the Parismina River on October 18th, 1978.

Where is the best place to catch Snook?

Atlantic snook can be found both on the Atlantic coast and the Gulf of Mexico. On the Atlantic side, they can be found as far north as New York, and as far south as Rio. In the Gulf, they are mainly only seen along the coast of Florida and partially the coast of Texas, ranging from Corpus Christi to South Padre Island. Pacific snook can be caught as far north as Magdalena Bay in California, and as far south as Guatemala.

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