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We had a great day out on the water with Michael. In less than ideal water and wind conditions he worked hard to put us on fish and we ended up with a nice catch of trout, redfish and flounder (and caught quite few more fish below the limit). They were really accommodating when it came to changing dates due to weather and the location for easy pick up... I will use them again for sure.

Simon S. with Blake Sartor of Dickinson, Texas

Captain Nate from the beginning asked a lot of questions about us and what our hopes were. He was extremely informative about what the conditions were, fish in season, and other tid-bits regarding our trip. Heading out we encountered extremely heavy fog so it was a bit slow getting out where we needed to be. Once we got out where we needed to be it was absolutely beautiful and Captain Nate put us on a couple catches. We got Trigger, Red Snapper, a B-Liner, and some tropical looking fish.. Unfortunately we were only able to keep the B-Liner but our family thoroughly enjoyed the trip! Once we started making our way in we realized that there was a red Tide which hindered some of our fishing. I will definitely book Captain Nate again on our next trip.

Ken H. with Nathan Stow of Panama City Beach, Florida

The trip we booked with captain Chase on vessel No Doubt KOKA charters was not good. I would not recommend him to anyone.

James G. with Chase Newton of Orange Beach, Alabama

We had awesome trip with capt Mike. He is very pleasant, knowledgeable and patient. With his guidance we caught snappers, red fish, snook, and cat fish and kept 12 great sized snappers😊

Laura A. with Mike Ayersman of St. Petersburg, Florida

We had great trip! Matt and Taylor worked really hard to make sure we had a wonderful experience. Highly recommend!

Kimberly T. with Matthew Champion of Destin, Florida

Awesome experience great time and the crew was great!!!

Armando H. with Leaf Potter of Freeport, Texas

Our trip with Gulf Bay charters with Captain Rick and his first rate deckhand Logan was fantastic. They put us on multiple fish of different types and we tried different methods, some trolling, a lot of bottom fishing and some deep water with electric reels. We caught a lot of large triggerfish, three King mackerels and enough Mingo (vermillion) snapper that we had far too much fish to eat over the next two days. The boat was fantastic, offering the six of us more than enough space to spread out and all fish at once, and Logan was knowledgeable and efficient at everything. I really enjoyed catching a small shark and we had a larger one steal some of our fish to add a little excitement. Near the end of the day we had a large amberjack up to the boat but unfortunately he got off. We played with a few barracuda as well, caught a few snapper and small groupers that we couldn't keep and in between spots, we could chat and I enjoyed learning about the local waters and the trade. I personally caught 22 fish and my son got 21 so we were busy. The weather was near perfect and Rick adeptly steered us around a small storm, where we got to see a waterspout. I would highly recommend Gulf Bay - we had a blast and really enjoyed getting to learn from a couple of true professionals. Thank you Captain Rick, thank you Logan!

mike c. with Rick Durant of Pensacola, Florida

We went out fishing with Captain Ricky. We had a great trip! Couldn’t have asked for a better day on the water! Captain Ricky is very knowledgeable and knows where the fish are. I would highly recommend booking your trip today!!

Rick E. with Troy Smith of Galveston, Texas

AMAZING! Captain Aaron was great. It was a day to remember and we will absolutely be back.

Jennifer M. with Rodney Harper of Freeport, Texas

Great Trip! We enjoyed ourselves and are going home with LOTS of snapper. Reeled in my first shark. Thanks Captain !

Lisa B. with Joel Brandenburg of Marathon, Florida

Everything You Need to Know About Spanish Mackerel Fishing

What is a Spanish Mackerel?

Spanish mackerel (Scomberomorus maculatus) are saltwater fish, found in the Atlantic ocean. They have a green back, silver sides with three rows of yellow spots on both sides and sharp jaws. These spots help to separate them from the cero and king mackerel, who otherwise look very similar.

They are strong swimmers, reaching speeds of up to 18 feet per second, for stretches of up to 20 miles. Built for speed with their bullet-shaped bodies, be ready for an energetic fight once you have one hooked. Thanks to conservation efforts after overfishing in the 1980s, starting the fight will be a much easier feat now that the species has been brought back from the brink!

How big do Spanish Mackerel get?

Not typically regarded as a bragging rights fish, spanish mackerel are typically between two and six pounds. Those that grow larger than ten pounds are considered large. They are usually at their full size at five years for males, and six years for females.

What's the biggest Spanish Mackerel ever caught?

On November 4th, 1987, Robert Cranton caught the International Game Fish Association world record for spanish mackerel. Weighing in at a solid 13 pounds, this beast was caught out of Ocracoke Inlet, North Carolina, and has yet to be officially beat.

Where is the best place to catch Spanish Mackerel?

Spanish mackerel are a shallow water species, staying in depths of 10 to 40 feet, however can occasionally be found as deep as 80 feet. They can be found as far south as the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico, and as far north as Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Some of the most highly regarded areas to fish for spanish mackerel are Miami and the Keys in Florida, and also the northern Texas coast.

When should I catch Spanish Mackerel?

Spanish mackerel are migratory fish who follow rising water temperatures. Due to this, it is important to follow their pattern and target them according to where they are along their route during season changes.

The Gulf of Mexico tends to be the best from May to September, whereas in the Atlantic, you can find them travelling north up the United States coast line in the spring summer, and then head down south towards Cancun for the fall and winter.

How do you catch Spanish Mackerel?

There are several spots to look for spanish mackerel depending on how deep of water you are targeting them in. For offshore and nearshore, look for structures that they may school around, while inshore check the surfs, flats, piers, and jetties.

They tend to feed in large schools near the surface, so another convenient way to find them is by watching for water commotion as well as bird activity.

Spanish mackerel can be caught with many different lures and baits. Nylon jigs, feather lures and spoons work great for artificial, while minnows and live shrimp work great for natural bait. They can be used while trolling or drift fishing, or just casting off the pier.

Are Spanish Mackerel good to eat? What are the best Spanish Mackerel recipes?

Spanish mackerel are a very popular white fish, and is best eaten fresh. There are many ways to prepare mackerel, whether you broil, fry, bake, or even smoke them. However, the most popular way to enjoy spanish mackerel is in sushi! At many sushi restaurants, you will find it under the name sawara.