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Ryan was top notch. Great gear, great guy, lots of fish. Super personable and really good at what he does.

Jack W. with Ryan R. of Johns Island, South Carolina

Best guided trip I have ever been on.

Drew L. with Greg H. of Rockport, Texas

Steve was a great guide easy going and easy to work with. His great attitude and demeanor while working to keep my teenage daughters first saltwater fishing experience great was above and beyond. Thank you Steve you made it a great day.

Adam H. with Steve H. of Galveston, Texas

Fishing trip was great! Captain Burt was fantastic and definitely made it a memorable trip for us!

Pytel J. with Burt G. of Port Mansfield, Texas

Captain Larry was great at teaching us how to wade fish and fish with lures instead of live bait. He was very patient with the kids and we all caught fish! It was a great trip overall.

Sandra S. with Larry B. of Aransas Pass, Texas

Ron was on time and waiting in the water for us. He was personable and readily shared information about the waters and area. We tried about six locations trying to get on fish. Our target fish were too elusive this day. Enjoyed boating and being on the water .though.

Travis H. with Ross K. of Port O'Connor, Texas

Great morning out for my son’s birthday & Father’s Day!

Christy E. with Blake S. of Dickinson, Texas

Great to work with, answered all questions we had for him. Very nice and prompt in what he was doing, kept the party active and ready to fish. Encouraged us along the way, would refer him to anyone and look forward to hopefully enjoying some fishing again with him one day!

Eric G. with Seth L. of Destin, Florida

Top notch guide. Put us on plenty of trout. Caught around 15 in a half day trip. Hit our limit on size as well. Super clean and well maintained boat and drove us over 50 miles around the bay.

Kenneth S. with David S. of Corpus Christi, Texas

I had an absolute blast going out with Captain Kevin. He was very knowledgeable and is guaranteed to give you a great, memorable fishing experience. I definitely plan on booking as many trips with him as I possible can!

Erik P. with Kevin L. of Galveston, Texas

Everything You Need to Know About Speckled Trout Fishing

What is a Speckled Trout

The Spotted Seatrout, Speckled Trout, or "Speck" (Cynoscion nebulosus) is a sport fish species that frequents inshore waters ranging from Massachusetts, down the East Coast, and around the Gulf of Mexico to the Yucatan Peninsula.

They are characterized by distinct black spots along their back and dorsal fins, surprisingly large teeth, and bright yellow skin on the inside of their mouths.

Contrary to popular belief given their name and resemblance, the speckled trout is a member of the drum family, not the freshwater trout family.

How big do Speckled Trout get?

The size of speckled trout largely depends on their sex. The average weight for males and females is between 1-2 pounds, but in many areas, fish weighing up to 5 pounds are common. The average male speckled trout is around 19 inches long, while the average female is around 25 inches long. Females grow quicker and larger than males, and can live to be 10 years old, more than double the average age for males.

What is the biggest Speckled Trout ever caught?

The current International Game Fish Association, or IFGA, all-tackle world record was set in 2015 on the Indian River flats near Melbourne on the east coast of Florida. The specimen weighed in at 17.7 pounds, and was 34.25 inches long, over 10 centimeters longer than the previous record set in 1995. The fish was caught using live mullet on a light spinning rod.

Large female trophy trout are often referred to as "gator trout" or "gators" depending on local vernacular.

Where is the best place to catch speckled trout?

Speckled trout are an estuarine fish, meaning that they live in the inshore waters typically located between the mainland and barrier islands. In temperate climates, speckled trout typically frequent water less than 10 feet deep.

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