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Kolby had to work when the striper bite didn't happen. Found the crappie and put a bunch in the boat.

Gary B. with Kolby Kuhn of Graford, Texas

Cpt. Drew took my father, uncle, cousin, and I out for a four our trip and I couldn’t have been more impressed with his knowledge, professionalism, and spirit. He knew all the tricks to get us going, and within minutes, we had our first catch. We caught over 15 fish on our trip and brought a few home for dinner! Will be looking forward to booking him next year as well!

Elliott M. with Drew Downing of Chatham, Massachusetts

Great attitude and fun trip. Got us a catch 30 minutes in. Good tech on the boat and plenty of room for 4 people. Would definitely use again.

Timothy K. with Bryan Cantu of San Antonio, Texas

Captain Jake was great!!! We caught some good quality fish for Lake Travis!!! Highly recommended!!! Thank you for the experience!

Derik M. with Jake Kennamer of Austin, Texas

Had a great time and had very good fishing spots. Knew where to find the fish.

Gerardo A. with Jake Kennamer of Austin, Texas

Our trip was perfect Richard is very knowledgeable of the lake and the fish behaviors if you want to catch a limit of fish you won’t be disappointed

Otis W. with Richard Tatsch of Willis, Texas

I highly recommend Captain Experiences and Jake. The customer service was great from booking to confirming the trip. We had a wonderful experience with Jake. He is very knowledgeable, friendly and made sure we had a great time. His boat and set provided for a comfortable trip. Jake provided great instruction and encouragement for my 11 year old son. We got to fish in a lot of different spots ensuring that we caught fish. Jake also helped us take great photos.

Jonna B. with Jake Kennamer of Austin, Texas

We really enjoyed our trip with Jake. It was only supposed to be a half day (4 hours) but it ended up being a 5.5 hour trip! Jake really has a passion for fishing and that is obvious and makes the experience so great. It was just what we needed! We will definitely go with Jake again!

Karen H. with Jake Kennamer of Austin, Texas

Ive hired Jake seven times over the last year and a half. Every trip he is amazing. His boat is super nice and his gear is top notch. I always catch fish and have the best time ever. Jake is super friendly and charismatic. His knowledge of largemouth bass fishing and willingness to share is what keeps me hiring him again and again. You won't be sorry hiring Jake.

Dave M. with Jake Kennamer of Austin, Texas

First Class fishing trip. A great guide who will put you on the fish. Created great memories! Been out with many guides over the years and Capt. Hal Herrick is the best of the best. My family has been fishing with Hal during many summer vacations on Nantucket and he always treats us very well. He knows the waters and fish surrounding Nantucket and the Vineyard better than any other guide I have been with. Very accommodating to girls, kids, first timers, and experts.

Cole B. with Hal Herrick of Nantucket, Massachusetts

Everything You Need to Know About Striped Bass Fishing

What is a Striped Bass?

Striped bass (Morone saxatilis), which you may know by the name striper, linesider, or rockfish, are one of the most popular game fish in the United States found both in fresh and saltwater. So popular in fact, it is the state fish of Maryland, Rhode Island, and South Carolina.

Originally a saltwater fish, striped bass have been successfully stocked in freshwater lakes and rivers across the United States, beginning a rich history of fisheries as early as the Colonial Period. However, they do need to be restocked periodically, as it is rare for them to spawn in freshwater as they do in salt.

They have a streamlined, silvery body that is marked with longitudinal stripes that start at their gills and run to the base of their tail.

How big do Striped Bass get?

The average size of a striped bass is between 10 and 30 pounds, and 20 to 35 inches long. They can grow to this size after living for up to 30 years. Though in freshwater, they tend not to get as large as their saltwater relatives. Also, like many other fish species, their females are larger than the males.

What's the biggest Striped Bass ever caught?

On August 4th, 2011, Gregory Myerson landed a 81.88 pound, 54 inch striped bass near the Outer Southwest Reef off the coast of Westbrook, Connecticut. He fought the fish for 20 minutes after hooking it with a drifted live eel. This catch gave him the bragging rights of having both the All-Tackle Record as well as the Men’s Line Class Record for striped bass from the International Game Fish Association.

Where is the best place to catch Striped Bass?

The striped bass is widely spread throughout the United States and Canada. In freshwater, they stretch from Canada to the Mississippi, as well as from coast to coast. In saltwater, they can be found on the Atlantic coastline, as well as in the Gulf of Mexico. Strong numbers can be found in Texas, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.

Within these areas, they thrive in water that is 55 to 68 degrees. Very warm or very cold water is not preferred, however they will go into warmer water to feed, and spend more time in cooler water where there is more oxygen.

When should I catch Striped Bass?

Stripers can be inconsistent on where to find them, depending on the time of year and where you are headed. Some will migrate upstream to fresh waters to spawn, others migrate to farther northern waters in the summer, and others still will stay in one environment.

Regardless, most of the year, the best time to fish is dawn and dusk. Essentially, two hours past sunrise, and two hours to sunset. However, closer to winter, midday tends to be the best time to wet your line.

How do you catch Striped Bass?

There are multiple ways to fish for striped bass. You can cast in the surf, fly or spin fish, troll, or jig with both artificial and natural baits. If using live or cut bait, squid, mullet, and worms will work best. For artificial lures, plugs, spoons, and plastic lures are great.

Stripers tend not to search below them for prey, so methods like using electronics or following surface boils and diving birds to locate them and then using topwater lures can be key.

Are Striped Bass good to eat? What are the best Striped Bass


Striped bass make for excellent table fare. With a mild flavored, white meat it is very versatile. It can be served pan-seared, grilled, steamed, poached, roasted, broiled, sautéed, deep fried, raw, or pickled.