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My wife and I did a half day (4hr) trip and had a blast. Captain and deckhand we’re both really nice. Caught some mahi which they filleted for us. Highly recommend for anyone traveling to Punta Cana!

Nicholas C. with Edgar A. of Punta Cana, La Altagracia Province

Captain Conan and Alyssa were excellent. Here is a picture of me, Captain Conan and the giant Jack we caught (we used a blackfin tuna we caught earlier in the charter). He is clearly an experienced captain with an ability to put clients on fish.

Danny F. with Conan Y. of Islamorada, Florida

Great trip

Ralph T. with Seth W. of Orange Beach, Alabama

Captain Jason proactively reached out the day we booked to confirm, learn about our fishing interests, and prep us. He texted the night before with all the details for the next morning. He and Blaine were ready and eager to get out and show us a great time. Blaine was awesome giving us instructions and tips to make sure we had success. He worked his tail off for us and had a blast while doing it. Got 2 black fins right away and had an awesome day in the Gulf. Will be telling all our friends from up North to book the Great Escape!

Mark H. with Jason R. of Destin, Florida

Great trip The captain was awesome and very accommodating. We will definitely return.

Paul C. with Don R. of Islamorada, Florida

Everying as promised. If you want a fishing experience captain Dale is your man. We had an amazing day and Dale and Jack took care of us. Can't say enough about the experience and we had ages 8 to 80 involved. Great times aboard the Sea Strike.

Tom H. with Dale L. of Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

Captain Francisco was ON FIRE 🔥 He brought such a positive energy to our trip. We got zero fish on another boat our first day out, and Francisco guaranteed us fish. We saw dolphins and whales. Not a moment was wasted. He knew where to find the catch of the season. He connected us with a wonderful local man who cleaned, filleted, packed, and froze our fish for the trip home. I trust him. Very professional and took care of our transport in the morning and the fishing license.

Casey K. with Louis P. of Loreto, Baja California Sur

BEST EXPERIENCE & EATS We booked our offshore fishing charter last-minute (the day before we left), it ended up being the best part of our trip. We can’t wait to come back! Captain Conan contacted us the evening prior to discuss a game plan and let us know exactly what we needed for preparation. Being our first offshore fishing adventure and having two kids, this was much appreciated. The waters were predicted to be somewhat rough with a wind presence. Conan emphasized maintaining safety as his priority despite the conditions. I can say we all felt safe for the duration of our trip. Capt. Conan and his First Mate, Alyssa, met us at the docks and helped the kids onto the boat. ‘Just One More’ was ready to go: cooler was filled with ice for our food/ drinks; bluetooth hookup to speakers for necessary offshore soundtracks; bean bags available on deck for kids to chill in. As we headed offshore, Alyssa pointed out the dolphins, sea turtles and jelly fish we saw along the way. Our offshore targets were dynamic, ranging from sailfish to permit; barracudas to snapper and barjack. We were able to hook many large fish, including barracuda (catch & release) plus a yellow barjack and many yellowtail snapper, which we were able to keep for eating. Conan processed our catch upon return to the dock, and also recommended a local restaurant to prepare our fish/ his go-to menu selections, which ended up being our best meal of the trip. The ‘Just One More’ is a safe, clean, comfortable and spacious boat. Captain Conan proved to be just as passionate as he is knowledgeable when it comes to offshore fishing. Rather than simply looking to make a dollar, he cares to really create an experience for his customers. Conan was able appeal to both the kids and the provide thrill for the adults on our trip.

Beth P. with Conan Y. of Islamorada, Florida

Great captain, put us on lots of fish, & felt safe the entire time. This is a really great outfit.

Peter M. with Michael R. of Galveston, Texas

Great experience. Mike was fantastic!

Peter M. with Michael R. of Galveston, Texas

Everything You Need to Know About Wahoo Fishing

What is a Wahoo?

The wahoo (Acanthocybium solandri) is an aerodynamic predator who is known for its sharp teeth, zebra-like pattern, and speed, and they are prized gamefish because they are great to catch and great to eat.

The fish itself is very long and slender with a longish snout filled with sharp serrated teeth and a few small fins on the top and bottom of the fish. They have tiny scales similar to other members of the mackerel family. Its coloring is unique, generally showing a deep blue/purple color and silver below with vertical blue stripes running down its side that are especially prominent shortly after the wahoo is caught (be sure to snap some quick photos if you are keeping the fish, the colors fade quickly just like a mahi). 

Wahoo can be found in warm waters around the world and are beloved by anglers for their leap - it won’t happen every time, but wahoo are known to jump well out of the water (their speed helps them here). They have even been known to launch last-minute attacks at lures that are already coming out of the water at the boat. 

How big do Wahoo get?

Wahoo size usually limits out at about 5 ft and 20-50 pounds, but they can grow up to 100 inches and a bit under 200 pounds. Wahoo generally reach maturity at about 2 years of age depending on location and gender and are believed to live until about 6 years of age, making them a relatively fast-growing species. They are known to grow fairly quickly, and after reaching about 40 inches can grow an additional 1.5 inches per month. Their size is also correlated with water temperatures, and although they are a warm-water fish they are known to be bigger in cooler waters.

What's the biggest Wahoo ever caught?

The biggest on record is a massive 184 pound fish caught by Sara Hayward out of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico in 2005. This is also said to be a nearly impossible record to beat by some, due to the sheer size and separation from other records. Wahoo also frequently break off, are hard to target, and are commonly taken by the tax man (shark), so this record will likely stand for some time unless someone gets lucky!

Where is the best place to catch Wahoo?

Wahoo are distributed throughout warm waters worldwide and can be found in most tropical and subtropical sportfisheries around the world. Common destinations outside the US include the Bahamas and Mexico, but this is a common “bycatch” in many regions around the world while trolling.

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