Everything You Need to Know About White Bass Fishing

What is a White Bass?

The white bass (Morone chrysops), also known as the silver or sand bass, is a freshwater fish found across North America. They are a silver-white to pale green, with a dark back, lighter sides and belly, and narrow, dark stripes running lengthwise along their sides, and a notched tail.

They are a respected challenge for those beginning their freshwater angling journeys, as well as experienced anglers looking to hone their craft. This bass is also the state fish of Oklahoma.

How big do White Bass get?

White bass typically grow to a length of 10 to 12 inches, and 0.5 to 2 pounds. Though, on rare occasions they can get up to 17 inches long, and over 4 pounds.

What's the biggest White Bass ever caught?

On February 13th, 2017, Blake LaFleur caught the world record white bass out of Devils Lake in North Dakota. It was 18.5 inches long and over 4 pounds. He caught it off a Northland Buckshot rattle spoon out of around 40 feet of water.

Where is the best place to catch White Bass?

White bass can be found across North America in lakes, reservoirs, and river systems. One of the best states to find them in is Texas, especially along rivers like the Red River and the Rio Grande, as well as lakes all throughout the state such as Lake Bridgeport, Lake Nacogdoches, and Lake Livingston. In fact, in Texas they are the 5th most popular fish among licensed fishermen.

They prefer water deeper than 10 feet and with an area larger than 300 acres when in a lake, and will tend to be in the upstream segment of a river. Their preferred water temperature is from 54 to 68 degrees.

When should I catch White Bass?

The best time to catch white bass is during their spawning season, which begins in March and ends in May. At this time they will move to shallower water in a lake, and faster moving water in rivers and streams. After spawning, the adult fish will move into deeper water once again, where they are tougher to fish.

How do you catch White Bass?

There are many methods of fishing for white bass. Spinners and spoons along the surface usually work the best during the spawn. Small black or white jigs, tube baits, and swim baits will also work. If fishing at night, bottom fishing with live bait is recommended.

During spawning season, you can locate them in shallow water by watching for surface activity or diving birds. Otherwise, to find them in deep water, electronics are usually needed, where you can typically find them by schools of shad.

Are White Bass good to eat? What are the best White Bass recipes?

White bass are known to have a particular taste, making them a favorite of some, and less preferred by others. The cause of this specific taste is because they have both white and red flesh, which makes the key to cooking them separating the red and white flesh, and eating it as fresh as possible instead of frozen.

White bass can be deep fried, broiled, grilled or baked. Many enjoy it with citrus and herb flavors, and also can be combined with shrimp and served with a scampi sauce.