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Black Drum, Flounder, Redfish, Sheepshead, Speckled Trout / Spotted Seatrout, Tarpon

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Captain Scott Null is a fly, light tackle and sight-fishing/poling specialist along the Texas Coast. Port O'Connor Redfish are the primary targets on virtually all trips. However, if you have a specific species you're trying to land on a fly rod (or on light tackle), Captain Scott can help you get it done.

Captain Scott guides out of an East Cape Fury tactical poling skiff. The Fury is a nimble and seaworthy boat - ideally suited for the shallow marshes and meandering feeder bayous common along the Texas and Louisiana coastlines.

From Captain Scott:

"Throughout my years on the police department, particularly those spent in the Homicide Division working murder cases, the outdoors were my escape. Being on the water or in the woods kept me sane when the world around me was kind of crazy.

Guiding allows me to provide that same escape to others. Whether job, family or finances; we all have some level of stress. Being out on the water has a way of making it all go away, at least for a little while.

With that in mind, I’ll fish you as hard or easy as you desire. I’ve got hard chargers who want to go strong all day and others who prefer a more relaxed pace taking time to soak it all in. Your day on the water with me is just that, yours. Another aspect to guiding that I enjoy is teaching. I’m not one of those mysterious guides who just takes you to a location and tells you to throw over there. I like for my customers to understand why we’re trying the different areas and the thought process that led me there.

Talking about the habitat as well as their habits will help you catch more fish and know why you’re catching them, or perhaps more importantly, why you may not be catching them. We can talk lures, flies, equipment, tides or whatever topic you have questions about.

Here in the Port O’Connor area redfish are available year round and can be caught on the shallow flats most any time. I fish a variety of areas from open grass flats to secluded back lakes sight casting to fish in less than a foot of water. While I specialize in fly fishing, throwing lures on conventional gear is always welcome.

While reds are the primary target, trout, flounder, black drum and sheepshead also inhabit these areas. For these trips we’ll be on my lightweight poling skiff capable of floating in a few inches of water. It is a style of fishing akin to hunting as we move slowly and stalk our prey.

During the summer months my attention turns to the jetties, beachfront and nearshore waters of the Gulf of Mexico. The migratory predators generally begin to show up in May, but more reliably in June. They stick around through October unless we get a serious cold front. Tarpon, kingfish, cobia, bull reds, jacks, spanish mackerel, sharks and others are readily available and can be caught of fly or conventional tackle. We can specifically target tarpon or just head out and see what wants to play.

Weather plays a huge part in making these trips happen and if the winds don’t cooperate we can always go chase reds in the bay. For these trips I recently acquired a 23’ Dargel Kat. This boat has a great ride in choppy water as well as plenty of room for comfortable fishing. The Dargel also allows me to provide more traditional bay fishing trips with groups who want to wade or drift for trout and reds. Long before I started fly fishing and poling for reds, this was the style of fishing I enjoyed. I never stopped fishing this way on my personal days, I just didn’t offer it through my guiding due to only having a small poling skiff.

Another option I offer is the “kid trip”. I’ve always been a big proponent of getting the kids out on the water. When scheduling a kid trip you need to know that this trip isn’t about dad, we’re headed out with the goal to stretch their string. We’ll use bait and catch whatever is biting. Some kids are fascinated by sharks and we can certainly go target them. We might net a crab that’s swimming by or stop to watch the dolphins, whatever it takes to keep them smiling and having fun. You’re welcome to fish too of course, but this isn’t going to be a hard core trip for the glamour species. I believe in this and offer a discount if you’ll agree to the above terms.

I say all of that to say this, I truly enjoy being out on the water taking people fishing. You can keep up with me on Facebook, read my monthly articles in Texas Saltwater Fishing Magazine or catch the latest podcast with me and John Lopez, Sports610 Radio, “Bite Me A Texas Saltwater Fishing Podcast” found on app or iTunes. Watch for guest appearances in Tide magazine as well."


Bryon F.

November 11, 2019

Always had a great trip with Capt Null

Dan S.

November 7, 2018

I've fished with Captain Scott Null for years and his knowledge is unsurpassed. He always works hard to put us on fish and is an excellent teacher. His ability to apply the knowledge and expertise he's gained over the years and impart that knowledge to his clients is tremendous.

Christopher L.

November 6, 2018

Capt Null is an experienced guide who has ALWAYS done a great job for me and my family!!

Grant M.

August 21, 2019

I’ve fished POC for a long time but had never been on a poling skiff so booked my first trip for my wife I with Captain Scott in early August. I’m brand new to fly fishing and she had just started getting into saltwater fishing so I’m sure we were ideal clients! We couldn’t not of been more pleased with our day on the water with Capt Scott. Phenomenal experience seeing that many reds from a new viewpoint. My wife caught her first redfish but I wore myself out early in trying to blind cast due to cloud cover in the morning. Switched to my baitcaster and caught plenty off fish. Still waiting for my first red on the fly rod so can’t wait to book another trip. As a couple novices he did a great job incorporating the right amount of instruction for each of us and kept us plenty entertained with fish stories and stories from his previous profession (don’t want to ruin any of them). Thanks for the great day Capt Scott and look forward to doing it again!

Dain C.

November 6, 2018

I’ve spent a lot of time with some of the most reputable saltwater guides in Texas, and Scott is hands down my favorite guide to spend the day with. If you’re looking for a unique experience that you will learn from, he’s the man. I walk away from every trip with Scott a smarter fisherman and better sportsman.

Chris K.

November 8, 2018

Captain Scott Null is as dialed in as they come when it comes to his knowledge of the bodies of water he services. There is no wasted time on the water since his intent to deliver an efficient return for his clients, begins days in advance with proper research and time on the water. Whether it be on the fly or using conventional tackle, he will put you on the target fish.



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Hat, sunscreen, polarized sunglasses

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Texas saltwater fishing license

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