Port A Inshore Fishing Trip
Top 5 Fishing Destinations for July 4th
June 30, 2022

The Best Freshwater Trip - Lake Fork, TX

For decades, Lake Fork has been a prominent bass fishing lake for both recreational and professional anglers. Located an hour and a half east of Dallas on the Sabine River, anglers from the large metropolitan area are a big part of the lake's economy, which is centered around fishing. Lake Fork is a frequent host of Bassmasters tournaments, which never fail to turn up giant bass at the weigh-ins.

River Fishing Devils river
River Fishing: What You Need To Know
June 28, 2022


One of the most important things to know when river fishing is what type of bait to use. Live bait is always a good option, but lures can be effective as well. If you are using live bait, minnows and worms are two of the most popular choices. As for lures, spoons, spinners, crankbaits, and jigs also work well in rivers.

Where to Go

When it comes to choosing a location to fish in a freshwater river, there are a few things you should take into account. First of all, look for areas where the water is deep and slow-moving – these are usually the best spots for fishing. You should also keep an eye out for log jams, submerged rocks, and other structures that provide shelter for fish. Lastly, pay attention to the currents in the river – you want to avoid areas where the current is too strong, as it will make fishing difficult.

Man Shooting a shotgun
Dove Hunting: 12 Gauge vs. 20 Gauge
June 27, 2022


The question of efficiency refers to your arsenal as an individual hunter. Many would argue that you will only need one shotgun to serve all your hunting needs. If you choose to hunt with a 12 gauge you can hunt big game such as turkey or deer as well as smaller game such as dove. So does this mean that buying a 20 gauge shotgun is inefficient? I would argue that it’s not, depending on what type of hunter you are. A 20 gauge shotgun can be just as diverse as a 12 if you’re doing certain types of hunting. For example, 20 gauge is a great gun to have in your toolbox if you hunt small game birds such as dove and quail often. I would even go as far as to say that if you hunt dove and quail for the most part and occasionally hunt larger game such as duck and turkey then 20 gauge will still serve you well and buying a 12 gauge would be inefficient. But if you hunt a lot of duck, turkey, or geese with your shotgun and require the extra knockdown power for the majority of your hunting then buying a 20 gauge specifically for dove hunting might be inefficient.

Dove hunting limit at sunset
Essential Gear for Your First Dove Hunt
June 27, 2022

If you’ve thought about getting into dove hunting for a while now or recently decided it might be something you’re interested in then you probably have found yourself asking one simple question, “Where do I start?”, and my answer is simple. You start with the essentials. I can break down hunters into two categories, the ones who have everything they need and the ones who don’t. You do not want to be the latter. Experienced hunters will understand what I’m talking about. Not only is it embarrassing to be the guy who doesn’t have ear protection or the right clothing but it also takes away from your experience and potentially everyone else's. I intend to put you on the path to becoming a so-called “gear daddy” from day one, the guy who has everything he needs when he gets into the field. This will result in less stress and more fun in the long run.

Guide Chris Fly Fishing Georgia
10 Things You Can Learn from a Fishing Guide
June 27, 2022

#1 How to Bait a Hook

Different types of bait require different rigging techniques. Some bait, like shrimp, can be rigged in several different ways. Your fishing guide can show you the proper way to bait a hook for your current situation. Whether you are fishing with shrimp, crabs, croaker, worms, sardines, live bait or dead bait, a good guide will have years of experience baiting hooks and you can learn some new tips from the pro.

One Fish, Two Fish, Redfish, Black Fish
June 22, 2022

Get to Know the Guide

We recently spoke with Justin to dig into this story and learn about his background as an angler and guide. A few of his answers surprised us, but his tips were on point.

What was your start in fishing?

“I grew up in Clearlake, TX, conventional fishing the Galveston Bay System with friends and family. However, flyfishing is my primary passion now.”

What Happens to Fish When a Lake Freezes?
June 20, 2022

Dangers to Fish

Fish are cold-blooded animals, which means that their body temperature is largely determined by the surrounding environment. One of the first things that happens to fish when a lake freezes is that their metabolism slows down. This means that they require less food and oxygen, and as a result, they may go into hibernation. They are generally less active and more sluggish, making them susceptible to predators. Additionally, the cold water can damage their gills, making it difficult for them to breathe. As the ice starts to form on the surface of the water, it also blocks out sunlight, which can affect the growth of aquatic plants. This in turn can have an impact on the fish population because plants are a key source of food for many species of fish.

Man wade fishing with captain experiences in Baffin Bay, Texas