Atlantic Bonito Swimming
Bonito vs Skipjack Tuna vs Little Tunny: What’s the Difference?
September 23, 2021

What Even Is a Bonito? What Is a Skipjack? Little Tunny?

Bonito, skipjack tuna, and little tunny are all marine fish that are members of the same sub-family, called Scombrinae. Scombrinae are ray-finned, bony fishes that include four “tribes”: Mackerels, Spanish Mackerels, Bonitos, and Tunas.

All members of this sub-family (Scombrinae) have a tapered - almost bullet-shaped - muscular body that makes them fast swimmers and ferocious fighters when caught. They are all at least semi-migratory while following prey, and are fished both commercially and recreationally. They also all have two dorsal fins (one that is spiny and one that is soft) as well as having somewhere between a deeply forked and a lunate (semi-forked) tailfin.

Aerial view of coronado islands
The Coronado Islands: Fishing with A Side of Criminal Activity
September 23, 2021

Early Coronado Islands History

The Coronado Islands are a cluster of 4 islands off the coast of Rosarito, MX that are about 7 miles from the coast (but still visible as you are driving down the scenic highway 1 down Baja). They are about 15 miles south of San Diego itself and a short boat ride out.

They were originally discovered in 1542 by Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo who referred to them only as “desert islands”, despite the islands containing a number of exciting wildlife species, not least the fish. Cabrillo would go on to be the first western explorer to travel up the California coast, and would die later in that same voyage after tripping and cutting his shin on a rock, leading to infection.

Aransas Pass Fishing Charters 1
The Big Ol Mess: #1 Fishing Report for Orange Beach, Austin, Hitchcock & More!
September 19, 2021

Texas Fishing Reports

1) Aransas Pass Fishing Reports

Captain Timothy's trip absolutely filled the board with redfish and speckled trout!

"So, minus the weird weather, and abnormally high tides, fishing has been great. I've been bypassing the bait shops and going straight to the cast net for finger mullet. Due to the freeze this year, bait and their predators have been a little behind schedule. We're just really starting to see good five to six inch mullet in the flats for reds. Casting at flooded shorelines with sand pockets have been producing awesome sized redfish. Carolina rigged with egg sinker above the swivel. Top waters or Nacho Daddy's Spoons work great also!" - Captain Troy

Aransas Pass Fishing Charter 1
The Big Ol Mess: #1 Fishing Report for Burnet, Dallas & More!
September 14, 2021

Texas Fishing Reports

1) Aransas Pass Fishing Reports

Captain Timothy took out Tara's group, and this is what she had to say "What an absolute blast! Tim was a true gentleman, he took very good care of us. We began our day with a beautiful sunrise graced by God, followed by old country tunes, and FISH aplenty - we caught 6 red and 2 speckled trout. Tonight I’m cooking the speckled trout with a garlic lemon butter herb sauce and a side of roasted asparagus. This was such a memorable experience that we will treasure. Thank you, Captain Tim."

aransas pass fishing charters 1
The Big Ol Mess: #1 Fishing Report for Aransas Pass, Atlantic Beach & More!
September 13, 2021

Texas Fishing Reports

1) Aransas Pass Fishing Reports

"Redfishing continues to be decent, as the high winds from Hurricane Ida pushed them inshore!" - Captain Tim

2) Austin Fishing Reports

"Decker Lake - It's that time of year when there are huge schools of bass offshore. These schools are largely nomadic, following schools of baitfish around the lake. This can make it difficult to find and stay on top of them, but savvy anglers can pull it off and have huge rewards! When you find these schools target them with a jerkbait and drop-shot rigged baitfish imitating soft plastics!" -Captain Ander

Man wade fishing with captain experiences in Baffin Bay, Texas