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Who We Are And How We Work

The idea is simple. An online platform making booking outdoor sports quick and easy. No phone tag, no outdated web pages, no hopes and prayers on whether a guide is a good fit.

Search It, Book It, Live It.

Search thousands of trips by location, group size, target species, price, and more.

View photos and trip info, read verified reviews, and book current availability with quality, vetted guides.

Field SMS and email updates, enjoy cashless auto-pay, and focus on fun with family & friends.

Our 100% Weather Guarantee and team of outdoor experts available 24/7 let you focus on what really matters.

We hand pick our Damn Good Guides, and our fishing network spans all across the country and beyond. We are also expanding our hunting presence, starting with our home state of Texas. You can search our thousands of trips.

Our guides are Damn Good Guides, which means they’re licensed, insured and vetted by our team of outdoor experts who know them on a first-name basis. We hand pick our Damn Good Guides, and our network spans all across the country and beyond.

The proof is in the pudding, and we’re incredibly proud of our 4.9 / 5 average review score.

100% Verified Reviews are exactly that — real, honest reviews left by Captain Experiences groups just like you.

We'd love to get you signed up as one of our Damn Good Guides. Head here to read our Guide FAQs or here to sign up.

Preparing for Your Trip

Once confirmed, your guide will reach out directly. Should you need to get in contact with them, their contact information will be in your confirmation email. Together, you’ll review trip specifics and special preferences. Our team of outdoor experts is also available 24/7 and will make sure everything runs smoothly.

You can view location specifics directly on the trip listing prior to booking and in your confirmation email after booking. Your guide and our team will also reconfirm leading up to your trip.

For fishing trips, we recommend wearing hats, sunscreen, polarized sunglasses, and packing any snacks and drinks. It’s also never a bad idea to pack a rain jacket!

For hunting trips, we recomment camo or naturally colored clothing (and blaze orange depending on the sport), appropriate cold-weather gear, and ear and eye protection.

Your trip listing will link to any necessary fishing or hunting licenses required for your trip.

If you’d like to take your catch / game home with you, we recommend packing a cooler to keep in the car.

Lastly, please bring a tip for your guide—we recommend 20%.

We recommend arriving 15-20 minutes early for your trip to meet your guide and review any safety details for the trip.

You can find plenty of great options on our lodging page.

Drinking is fine on most fishing trips as long as you don't bring glass bottles!

Each trip will show guest information on the trip listing. We are more than happy to set up custom trips to accommodate larger groups.

All trips are charged by the person, meaning everyone who will be present needs to be accounted for. We encourage all spectators to throw in at least one line just in case the big one decides to bite.

For most of our trips there is not an age limit, but we encourage you to think about whether your child is suited for the trip you are considering. For very young children, we recommend mentioning ages in the 'notes' section when booking so guides can plan accordingly.

While we are a dog-friendly company, hooks and pets do not always mix and we have to ask you to leave your animals at home. For hunting trips, please contact us.

At the time of booking you pay a deposit. On the day of the trip you will show your guide a boarding which will charge the balance (total trip price minus deposit) to your card when it is scanned. No more running to the ATM at 5 am to withdraw a thousand dollars in cash.

We suggest giving a 20% cash tip as a showing of a job well done by guide and crew. This will be the only cash you’ll need to bring on the trip.

Unless otherwise noted as a catch and release trip, anglers are free to keep fish as long as they follow all local regulations and bag limits.

Please check the 'Amenities' section of the trip listing to see if your guide will clean your catch (or game) for you, and we recommend bringing a cooler to take everything home.

Booking Adjustments

We know that stuff comes up and will try our best to accommodate reschedules. The earlier we are notified, the better the chances we can find a new free date on your guide's calendar. If you need to reschedule, please contact us.

You may cancel your trip at any time by logging in, heading to your bookings, and clicking 'Cancel Trip,' but we are also more than happy to try to work with you and your guide to reschedule for a better date. Please contact us if you need help.

If you cancel outside the cancellation window for that trip, we will issue a credit for the full value of the deposit that can be used on any of our trips across the country. Canceling within the cancellation window forfeits your deposit to your guide. You can find the cancellation policy of your trip by looking at the 'Cancellation / Refund Policy' section of the trip listing.

All of our trips have a 100% weather guarantee. If the guide determines it is unsafe to proceed with the scheduled trip, we will work with everyone to find a time to reschedule. In the event that rescheduling is not possible, we will issue a credit for the full value of the deposit that can be used on any of our trips across the country.

The more the merrier as long as you still fall within the capacity of the trip. To add more people, please contact us.

General Questions

License requirements are set at the state level. You can find state by state information here. If heading outside the US, license requirements vary by region, and your guide will be happy to point you in the right direction.

Seasons can vary significantly based on location and target species. For more information we recommend finding your location to find out more about local seasons, conditions, and regulations.

The best time to head out can vary depending on season, target species, temperature, pressure, lunar cycles, wind, how skilled you are, whether you have any bananas on board, etc. We don't have the answers here, but we can say that any time spent outside is better than time spent in the office.

Absolutely! Many of our guides say that putting someone on their first fish / bird makes their whole job worth it. You can filter our trips by selecting 'Beginner' under “Skill Level' and you're off to the races!

You can also read our introduction to fishing concepts page to help understand fishing lingo.

Our guides will do their best to make sure you stay comfortable, but we recommend some preventative medication like non-drowsy dramamine if you have a history of seasickness.

How Captain Gives Back

We dedicate our time and efforts to supporting Active Duty Military Servicemen and Servicewomen, Veterans, First Responders, Policemen and Policewomen, and Firefighters. If you dedicate yourself to these causes, please reach out for a 5% discount as a small token of our gratitude.

Last year, Captain gave over 10% of our profits to support the rebuilding of ecosystems and fisheries. We are relentlessly committed to supporting local fisheries and the ecosystems, industries, and communities they support through our active involvement with our conservation partners.