The Captain Experiences Story

At Captain, our mission is to unlock the outdoors for everyone, and to make it easy for anyone to plan their perfect adventure off the map.

Necessity is the mother of invention—and Captain was born out of need. It’s the product of dozens of years spent in the great outdoors, and countless hours spent trying to book a single fishing trip.

It's tough out there when it comes to finding good guides. Search costs are high, it takes a long time to piece together trips, and the process is far from streamlined. Other platforms feel transactional, and completely unconnected to the culture they’re selling.

People want to get out there and experience adventure. Without a trusted source with an earned reputation for reviewing, vetting, verifying and booking, would-be adventurers are forced to roll the dice on an expensive trip—or to throw in the towel altogether.

Captain Experiences founders fishing near Latham Island, Tanzanie
Cofounders Jonathan (left) and Attison (right) fishing near Latham Island, Tanzania.

“Why hasn’t anyone solved this before? Damn, I’ve needed this for years.”

The idea is simple. An online platform making booking outdoor sports quick and easy. No phone tag, no outdated web pages, no hopes and prayers on whether a guide is a good fit.

Our guides are Damn Good Guides, which means they’re licensed, insured and vetted— and we know them on a first-name basis. You can preview the specific details of a trip, from skill level, to bait and tackle. There’s even a 100% weather guarantee.

We hand pick our Damn Good Guides, and our network spans all across the country and beyond. Booking with Captain is so quick and easy, you won’t even have time to think about us—until you want to book your next trip.

We’re avid outdoorsmen, and we’re proud to help support and protect the lands we love. We don’t have customers, we have adventurers. And we’re not just selling fishing or hunting trips. We’re empowering people to connect with the outdoors and with each other. It’s about the laughs and lost fish, firing up the boat and leaving land behind. Minimizing screens and maximizing life.

We’re a new twist on an age-old pastime, blending the excitement and nostalgia of time spent outdoors with cutting-edge tech to make booking a breeze. We’re passionate about the outdoors, and about empowering people to find the perfect-match guide for the trip of a lifetime, every time.