At Captain, we think fresh air is good for the soul, and stepping away from your phone for just one morning or afternoon can be the best few hours of your month. It’s our goal to Unlock the Outdoors for everyone by making it easy for you to get out there with our Damn Good Guides.

My name’s Jonathan and I’m a co-founder of Austin-based Captain Experiences along with my buddy Attison. We’re here to help you ditch the office and get outdoors.

Captain Experiences founders fishing near Latham Island, Tanzania
Jonathan (left) and Attison (right) fishing near Latham Island, Tanzania.

In 2018, I tried to book a Galveston fishing charter with my work team in Houston, and since it was my idea, I was tasked with putting the trip together. Finding high quality fishing charters was an absolute mess, and I hated how time-consuming and manual the process was. I found myself searching outdated websites and playing phone tag with guides while wondering if I could trust what limited information I found online.

I knew there had to be a better way and outlined a vision for an easy-to-use and transparent outdoor sports platform. From there, I walked the docks in Galveston to partner with our first guides and moved out to Austin where I met Attison. Together we started Captain Experiences to Unlock The Outdoors, hoping that both clients (we call them adventurers) and guides can spend less time booking and more time outside.

Attison and I, the rest of the Captain Experiences team, and our Damn Good Guides share the same passion for getting out of the office and out on the water, and we’re excited to share Captain Experiences with you so you can Search It, Book It, Live It with your family and friends.