Lake Texoma Weekly Fishing Reports

Weekly fishing reports straight from the cameras and eyes of local guides in Lake Texoma. It doesn't get better than that.

Our Lake Texoma fishing guides constantly update us with the most current and thorough Lake Texoma fishing reports. See below for fishing reports from recent Lake Texoma fishing trips:

Fishing Reports from Lake Texoma, Week of December 16th:

"Not much bookings with colder weather but sad because lots of fish around. Birds still showing fish locations and catch big fish under the birds." -Captain JD

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Fishing Reports from Lake Texoma, Week of December 2nd:

"Last few days it’s been cool but fishing is Hot! We are getting a limit every day with good size fish and our 10 fish limit per person. Leaving the dock at Little Mineral Resort at 7, and back in by 11am. Stripers are cleaned and ready for the skillet in no time. Lots of sea gulls this time of year, letting us know where the fish are located. Biggest fish this week was 10 pounds which is good but I can beat it in a later time. The fishing is only gong to get better! I took my son and his 13 year old out on a last minute trip, an hour before dark and we caught out limit in front of the marina and done! Call now, lots of open dates as some people don’t like the cold. I am ready anytime!" -Captain JD

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Fishing Reports from Lake Texoma, Week of November 19th:

"Fishing on Lake Texoma is still great! Birds were everywhere today, showing their location and making it simple. We got a limit of Striper by 10am, all nice fish. Booking always seem to slow down this time of the year, but prime time is now! Water temp around 60 degrees and prime for Striper bite. Although weather is cool in morning, it warms up fast, making idea situation. Stripers feeding on Shad, and I use the Shad color on my artificial lures, white, making each trip successful. I have lots open dates and looking to be on the water until these feeding frenzies quit, and that’s a ways off. Fins up!" -Captain JD

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Fishing Reports from Lake Texoma, Week of November 12th:

Pictures from Captain JD Dorsey's Lake Texoma fishing trip.

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Fishing Reports from Lake Texoma, Week of June 19th:

"The last few weeks have been nothing short of fantastic. There are naturally days when the stripers are there but not hungry. You have to take the good with the bad. It is not hard to get your limit, but you have to find the feeding fish. Today was one if those days. Leaving to dock with customers at 6am you are expected to have your limit and back by no later than 10am. Well it took longer today but naturally the customers appreciated the effort. Most tip some better under these conditions. Since I clean and bag the catch, chat, have a cool one, I was finished at noon. It’s all cool, meeting new customers, return customers now long time friends and customers. It gets hot out there but since I troll for stripers, generates some breeze." -Captain JD

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