Lake Texoma Fishing Reports

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Weekly fishing reports straight from the cameras and eyes of local guides in Lake Texoma. It doesn't get better than that.

Our Lake Texoma fishing guides constantly update us with the most current and thorough Lake Texoma fishing reports. See below for fishing reports from recent Lake Texoma fishing trips:

Fishing Reports from Lake Texoma, Week of August 25th:

"Fishing has picked up at Lake Texoma this past week. It had been hot, fish deep so I went back to live bait. Missed a bunch as using too small circle hooks. 35 foot water on a ledge. Biggest about 8 pounds and all about same size. All you can keep is 2 over 20 inches so back some went! Lots good dates open so call soon before things change but good good now!"-JD

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Fishing Reports from Lake Texoma, Week of August 4th:

"Fishing is still hard to keep up with fish these hot summer times. If you go fishing east, should of went west. Go west should of went east, but I find them most of times. Yesterday saw lot of lake before I found them. Called "fishing". Big fish predominant so some catch and release after all the over "20 inch fish per person is reached". Most trips 3-4 people, but today, one guy as his wife did not want to fish. We had a ball, trolling 3 rods and keeping fish coming in! I have few good days left and love to fish your trip. I have booking services to book for u so "come on down, ya hear". My southern accent! Time to book and keep me busy, keeps me out of trouble."-JD

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Fishing Reports from Lake Texoma, Week of July 28th:

Pictures from John's Lake Texoma fishing trips.

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Fishing Reports from Lake Texoma, Week of July 7th:

"The fishing has been normal and I say this because of recent rains, the barometer changes which effects fishing. Normally since I am now trolling for stripers, big stripers We get nice fat stripers, and a limit but with the barometer change, it's gets tougher and getting few smaller fish, but it's normal in these conditions. I went to live bait for a time but when it changed, went back to trolling umbrellas, for bigger fish and limits (10 fish per person, two of which can be over 20 inches). I am booked solid, with an occasional opening, but always ready for my next trip, to stay on top of things. This "striper capital of the world" - Lake Texoma - is one of the best around. Book now! Get away from all the weirdness of the world and "go fishing"!"-JD

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Fishing Reports from Lake Texoma, Week of June 23rd:

"Last week it's been soooo busy. I am using live bait, and it entails me getting up at 2:30 am and throw cast net until 5:30, pickup customers at 6. I am getting the limit on stripers 90 per cent of time, 10 fish per person, 2 over twenty inches. Most fish are all overs. I have very few days open now, for about two weeks. I guess I am popular, or at least I work hard for a good reputation. I am putting in 8 hours on a four hour trip. I do like being busy and making money for what I love to do."-JD

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Fishing Reports from Lake Texoma, Week of June 16th:

"Fishing with CrossCreek Guide Service is fast and furious. I get up and get live bait at 4am. My charter leaves around 6:30, and fish biting so fast, 4 people, 40 fish by 845am. It is so much fun, and we are back in before it gets so hot! Try me, I will work hard for your business."-JD

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