Best Company Fishing Trips

Best Company Fishing Trips

Taking a fishing trip with your coworkers can be a blast and bring everyone closer together. If you work with people who love to fish or just enjoy being on the water, booking a trip is sure to be a good time. If you want to get the most out of a trip with a mixed group of people, selecting the right type of trip is crucial. To make sure everyone has a good time regardless of skill or interest, here are the best fishing charters for a work trip.

Fishing Trips For Work


Keeping things simple is always a good idea when fishing with a group that has varied experience. Inshore fishing is generally beginner friendly, but bay and jetty trips are the best options. The boats used for these trips tend to accommodate more people, and the water conditions stay calm even with strong wind. Bay and jetty trips also provide ideal opportunities to catch some of the most popular species, many of which can get big. The most common species that feed in these inshore waters include sheepshead, redfish, speckled trout, and black drum.

While these trips are often some of the most productive in terms of just getting bites and hooking up with fish, your team will enjoy the coastal scenery. With a variety of fish to target, calm seas, and almost no experience required to have fun, these trips are the perfect crowd pleaser.


Whether the group wants to target bigger fish or has experience and is looking for a challenge, bottom fishing in nearshore waters is one of the best group trips across the board. The boats that make the trips off the coast to nearshore waters are bigger than bay boats and can better accommodate larger groups. Nearshore trips still have fairly short travel times, and bottom fishing is laid back and fairly simple. Once the lines are in the water, the only thing anglers need to do is reel, which almost anyone can handle.

Bottom fishing is perfect for targeting amberjack, snapper, grouper, and sometimes cobia if they snag the bait on its way down. All of these fish are delicious, which is an added bonus for anyone who loves seafood. While reeling sounds fairly simple, these fish can reach 100+ pounds. This means it will be a hard fight, but it's all part of the experience.


For a mixed group of colleagues, offshore fishing trips can be a little risky. With limited experience, anglers can get overwhelmed fighting huge pelagic species on heavy tackle, and unpredictable water conditions can cause sea sickness. On the other hand, If you plan an office fishing trip with people who have gone offshore before, it’s hard to beat trolling for huge trophy fish.

Depending on the area, massive pelagic species including sailfish, tuna, marlin, wahoo, mahi mahi, and so many more are potential targets. These fish are all impressive, with speed and power that can make fights last for hours. Open water species range in size from only a few pounds to over 1,000 pounds—meaning every bite could be a monster.

Booking a Work Trip

Work trips are a great way to raise morale and help the whole team bond. Any of the fishing trips mentioned above are an adventure and offer experiences that will make memories that last a lifetime. If you are looking to book a trip for your team, you can find fishing charters in your area here.