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tuna san diego

The Bluefin Season for San Diego is now officially under way.

Finally, the day has come. I am weary from this long winter and am ready to fish again, but lately I have been craving the tug only a larger fish can provide. The day finally came THIS WEEK as we scored our FIRST Blue Fin Tuna of the year. This 100+ lb specimen was caught this week, and while we were there, we saw huge schools of Bluefin all round us. We were only able to get one to bite, before the entire school suddenly dived, never to be seen again. Still, ONE is better than none.

San diego tuna

The bluefin are just West of the Todos Santos Islands about 90 miles south of the border and about 50 miles strait out from Ensenada.

Frozen flying fish rigged to a kite is your best bet for a big bite. It's hard to get this as bait and a single frozen flying fish cost about $50. We of course will provide a few (if we can get them) for free. You only need like 4 to have a successful day! This is because we use this type of bait exclusively for kite fishing, and you can generally only fly one at a time. But man, do these things work. They are like cotton candy to Blue Fin.

Just like the video said, it only took seconds for the Bluefin to bite this rig as soon as the kite flies the bait onto the foaming bluefin. 45 minutes later we had a nice bluefin on the deck, and a happy customer! For big blue fin tuna, this is absolutely THE ticket. It is very important to get the bait on the foaming blue fin before the submerge again, as this technique is only valid on surfaced fish.

As you can see by the action above, the kite is the way to go! Keep in mind you need the right bait, and you have to SNEAK up on them, but if you master this technique, you will have blue fin in your freezer!

There are two types of charters that we offer to do this type of trip. The big slow six pack traditional style charter boats that have a average speed of about 12 knots, or the fast bullet boat center consoles. You can find a list of all of our available charters by clicking here.

On a traditional six pack, you are looking at a full 24 hour trip to get to the spot where we caught this bluefin, and even in the mid season the San Clemente Islands (our favorite summertime hotspot), you are still looking at a full day trip to get on the fish. Although these larger and slower vessels offer you more comfort and a place to go inside or take nap, you should not rule out taking a "BULLET BOAT". Like the one above, as it can make the same trip to the same spot, with the same amount of fishing time, for less money and offers an exhilarating ride out (hold on to your hat!). If you don't have time to be gone for a full day or a day and half trip, this type of boat can offer a time efficient alternative!

Well, that's it for today! If you want to book a blue fin tuna trip with us, just CLICK HERE and we will take care of the rest.

Until next time, tight lines and fair seas!