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Planning a Fishing Trip: Do's and Don'ts

Planning a fishing trip can be stressful, but it doesn't have to be. Captain Experiences was founded to solve the hardest parts of getting out on the water, wherever you are. This article will help ensure that you have a good time. Here’s a quick list of do’s and dont’s that will help you make the most of your time on the water.

Planning A Fishing Trip

Fishing Trip Do’s:

Hire a Guide

The first thing to consider when planning a fishing trip is hiring a guide. Having an experienced guide or captain that provides the boat, gear, bait, and other essentials for catching fish takes away a lot of stress. It also allows you to spend more time enjoying the company of your friends and family while catching the fish. Especially if you are traveling somewhere new, guide’s know the water, where the fish are, and can get you on them very quickly. If you’re an experienced angler and want to put together your own trip, go for it, just be prepared for a bit more work.

Pack a Cooler

Packing a cooler is one of the most crucial parts of a fishing trip, because without water, beer, snacks, and a place to put the fish, it’s likely that people will get cranky. Pack adult beverages to keep moral high, but make sure there is room for water and snacks. If you want to make sure you have everything, check out our blog on fishing trip essentials. Staying hydrated and having some food on hand will make sure that you are in top shape when it’s your turn in the fighting chair.

Know the Rules and Regulations

Depending on the state, you might be required to purchase a fishing license. Plan on purchasing your license the day before the trip to avoid last minute panic in the early hours of the morning. Beyond your license, do a quick search and spend some time learning the rules and regulations of the area you plan to fish. While guides are good about keeping people from breaking the law, it’s ultimately up to you. Nothing is a bigger bummer than getting fined on vacation.

Fishing Trip Dont’s

Don’t Get Sunburn

Sunscreen or sunblock is a small item that can have a huge impact on your trip. Be proactive by using sunblock to avoid getting fried and suffering through the second half of the trip. A good rule of thumb is to reapply every two hours. If you’re especially prone to getting burned, get sunscreen with zinc oxide, cover up with long clothing, wear a hat, and put on sunglasses. On smaller boats, there’s almost no protection from the sun, making it nearly impossible to avoid getting burned without protection.

Don’t get Sick

For people who get seasick easily, don’t forget to bring medicine or whatever remedy works for you. While indulging in alcoholic beverages is almost tradition for a fishing trip, overindulging is dangerous—especially on a boat. Enjoy the trip, but watch out for early signs of having one too many. The best way to make sure you feel great throughout your trip is to stay hydrated, and have a light snack periodically.

Don’t Forget to Tip

When you book a fishing charter, the fees usually only cover a guide’s expenses like gas and bait because they rely heavily on tips. Guides make most of their living through tips, so make sure you bring enough cash to pay them for their efforts. The standard tip is 20%, but if you have a particularly good time, more is appreciated. Check out our blog about tipping for more information about how and when to tip your guide.