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Three of the Best Fishing Podcasts

Finding quality outdoors content for your commute or down time can eat into what little time you have, so finding the right shows is important. Experts provide useful insights into fishing and the outdoors as a whole with years of experience doing what they love. If you just can’t get enough fishing content, here are three of the best fishing podcasts to check out.

Deep Sea Fishing Blue Marlin

Impact Outdoors Podcast

Derek York is always fishing or doing something in the outdoors which makes insightful conversations with some of the biggest names in the outdoors industry sound effortless and casual. All of the guests on this show are not big names however, some people you may not have heard about but the one thing they all have in common is their drive and dedication to the outdoors industry.

Derek has spent countless hours fishing from Oklahoma to the coast while becoming an avid deer and turkey hunter. With so much time spent on the water and in the woods, listeners can find valuable information based on experience throughout this show.

Tom Rowland Podcast

Tom Rowland of Waypoint TV finds interesting stories and has fascinating conversations with people making an impact in the outdoors. The Tom Rowland Podcast is one of the most engaging podcasts that covers all things outdoors with its main focus centered around fishing and fitness.

Tom Rowland is a well rounded angler that has competed in both freshwater and saltwater tournaments across the country. With a stout fishing background, Tom is able to deliver valuable knowledge to his audience in every episode. This podcast keeps you locked in all week with How To Tuesday and Physical Friday episodes.

Along the Keel Podcast

Along the Keel Podcast is hosted by Captain Zach Rollins who travels the world to find people making a splash in the outdoors. Zach interviews organizations, entrepreneurs, and innovators who provide unique insights about the outdoors community. Zach is always looking for the story behind people in the outdoors but more specifically on the coast.

Zach maintains a laid back approach while always taking the opportunity to ask the right questions which lead to unique answers and valuable perspectives. If you’re looking for salty stories and stunning takeaways, Along the Keel Podcast is a must listen.

Fishing Podcasts

If you love being outdoors and want to be effective on every trip, or you’re looking to break into the outdoors industry as well, one of these podcasts is sure to provide the information you’re looking for. If you listen to an outdoors podcast that you think we should listen to, let us know by sending us an email at [email protected].