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There are so many exciting fishing adventures along the Texas Coast that it’s hard to pick a favorite. Depending on the season and species of fish that you are targeting, one stretch of coast may be a little better than another stretch. All of the Texas coastal bay systems offer excellent fishing opportunities. You can catch similar species such as redfish, trout, snapper, kingfish, and more from the Mexican border all the way up to Louisiana. Since you can catch fish nearly anywhere in Texas, one thing you might want to know is which fishing location has the best town. Again, it is hard to select a favorite because all the coastal towns are full of friendly people, unique restaurants, and reasonable accommodations. With that in mind, here is a guide to several of the more popular fishing towns along the Texas coast.

Criteria for Selecting the Top 10 Texas Coastal Fishing Towns

Before we reveal our list, here is a look at the criteria we used in selecting the top 10 Texas coastal fishing towns. The selection criteria include:

  1. Does it feel like a fishing town? When you arrive, do you feel like you are on vacation? Are other people in the town there to fish?
  2. Does it have a lot of fishable water? Are there opportunities to fish both offshore and inshore?
  3. How are the tackle shops, boat ramps, etc.? Is there good fishing infrastructure?
  4. Does it have enough restaurants? Are there any “cook your catch” restaurant options?
  5. How is the lodging? Are there many motels, lodges, or rentals available for anglers?
  6. Is it a scenic area? Do you get to enjoy natural beauty that makes you feel like you are escaping city life?
  7. Are there better options nearby? Even if it is a good fishing town, is there another nearby town that is better and shares the same fishing waters?

With these criteria in mind, let’s take a look at ten of the best Texas coastal fishing towns. This is a two-part series, so look for the post with our additional favorites in the near future.

Top 10 Texas Coastal Fishing Towns

#10 Port Arthur

When you reach the far Northeast end of the Texas Coast along the Louisiana border, you arrive in Port Arthur. Although not the most scenic town, Port Arthur and the surrounding communities are the best place in Texas to access Sabine Lake. You will probably pass some large industrial plants on your way to the boat launch, but the fishing opportunities once you are on the water more than make up for the lack of scenery on the mainland. Sabine is known for having the best flounder fishing in Texas, and many Sabine fishing guides target flounder in addition to redfish and trout.

9 Freeport/Surfside Beach

Freeport and Surfside Beach are the best places to access an often-overlooked stretch of the Texas Coast. The waters around Freeport and Surfside Beach lack the traditional large bay system that is so common along the Texas Coast. Instead, this area has highly productive jetties and good access to offshore fishing. Some guides target inshore species such as redfish and trout, and other guides go offshore for seasonal tarpon, kingfish, snapper and more. As you head inland from Freeport, this area turns more commercial and industrial, but the beachfront community of Surfside Beach provides that saltwater vacation setting.

8 Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi has a great location in the middle of the Texas coast. It has an airport for out-of-town anglers, so getting there is easy for people outside of driving distance. Corpus is a big city for the Texas coast, and it has all the food, lodging and entertainment you would need. The main drawback to staying in Corpus Christi is that you have better options with several smaller nearby towns that make you feel more like you are on a vacation at the coast. Some of the best redfish and speckled trout fishing is within an easy ride from Corpus Christi. Many guides who fish the famed Upper Laguna Madre depart from the marinas and boat ramps on the outskirts of Corpus.

Corpus Christi

7 Matagorda

The town of Matagorda is perfectly situated to access both East Matagorda Bay and West Matagorda Bay. There are a few popular restaurants and good rental lodging options in town. The beach is just a few minutes away down a scenic road, and the boat launching facility is one of the best. Matagorda is relatively small and remote, and fishing is a major pastime for people in the vicinity. This area has been known for producing many large speckled trout in recent years, and it is also an above average flounder fishery. One good reason to hire an experienced fishing guide in this area is that the lock system on the Colorado River can be confusing for first-time boaters. Fishing guides target both inshore and offshore fish species from Matagorda.

That is all for now, but stay tuned for the next edition when we unveil the remaining 6 of our Top 10 Texas Coastal Fishing Towns. There are great fishing destinations all along the Texas Coast, and we hope that you get to enjoy one of the many Texas saltwater angling opportunities in the near future.