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Top Four Father’s Day Fishing Trips

Father’s Day is the perfect occasion to treat your dad to a special fishing trip that shows how much you care. Dad’s can be a little tricky to shop for, but giving them an unforgettable fishing trip is bound to be a hit. Every angler has a style of fishing that they prefer, along with a bucket list of trips they want to take. Figuring out what those are for your father is a great place to start. But, to help you pick an incredible trip, here are the top four trips for Father’s Day.

Father and Son Fishing

Fly fishing Musky in TN

Musky are one of the biggest and most sought after cool water sportfish in the U.S., but catching one is grind. These fish have earned the nickname “the fish of 10,000 casts” because of their elusive behavior.

Many people may not know that Tennessee is one of the best places to catch them. With Fathers Day happening in late June, it’s also the peak time to target musky on the fly.

Musky are the ultimate angling challenge, but Captain Steven will help you get it done. Steven holds the current state record for musky and will help you land one on the fly. If your father loves fly fishing or musky, a trip with Captain Steven is the perfect gift.

Baffin Bay Trout and Redfish

Baffin bay is one of the hidden gems of the Texas Coast and provides some of the best inshore opportunities in the Gulf. This area is known for producing some of the largest redfish and speckled trout that have been caught in the state. If you dad loves inshore action, Captain Mitch knows how to fish Baffin Bay better than anyone else. He will put your dad on the bite.

After a short boat ride to Baffin, your dad will be targeting speckled trout, redfish, black drum, sheepshead, and more that don't get much fishing pressure. This means fishing here is more productive than the rest of the coastal bend, while being surrounded by beautiful back waters.

Offshore Red Snapper Fishing

If your dad wants to go fishing with the whole family, red snapper season will be in full swing and have a large boat enough boat for everyone. Some of the best red snapper fishing in the Gulf happens with Captain Brandon in Biloxi, Mississippi. Abroad his 37-foot custom-built sportfisher, your family can comfortably spread out and enjoy bottom fishing the reefs for some of the most delicious fish in the Gulf.

Brandon has been fishing these waters for over 15 years and can find fish even when conditions get tough. When the action picks up, the first mate will be around to cater to any needs your family has and make sure everything is going smoothly.

Drift Fishing Montana's Best Trout Rivers

The rivers of western and southwestern Montana without question offer some of the most diverse fly fishing in North America and naturally lend themselves to accommodating anglers of all experience levels. Fishing from a drift boat is the most efficient way to experience the big rivers of Montana and can provide opportunities to reach remote parts of the river not accessible by foot. 

Mike and his guides specialize in creating personalized experiences on the world-renowned wild trout rivers and fee-access private waters. They know the Bitterroot, the Blackfoot, and the Clarks Fork rivers like the back of their hands, and fish them all based on what river is fishing best.

If dad’s looking for some awesome family friendly fishing just a short distance from downtown, check out Mike’s trips in Missoula, Montana. The most consistent and enjoyable weather begins in June, so you’re just in time for Father’s Day.

Father’s Day Trips

No matter what type of angler your dad is, getting him out on the water for Fathers Day is bound to put a smile on his face. If these trips don’t sound like your dad’s perfect trip, check out all of the fishing charters we offer here.