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Fishing report from Russell Y. in Sandys, Bermuda.

    This is not only about conservation, but respect! Giving us a fair voice in decisions that will affect our industry and livelihoods. We are alll about conservation because without it there is no future for us. But, we MUST be included in the process. Our attempts to sit down and be fairly represented have been ignored, we have drawn up legal letters, had press conferences, responses, and now the petition will attempt to get THOUSANDS to support us! And they should, as we are on an island surrounded by water which we must depend on to survive! I have grown up fishing with this broken system and now is the time for fishermen and women to be heard and respected! We have over 900 online and 2000 locally, trying to get our message out from anyone with social media influence! Collie Budz tweeted support, Mikey Wild is also with us. Any help would be appreciated! Thanx
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