Manistee Fishing Reports

Fishing reports from Manistee, Michigan, Early October 2022

Fishing report from George C. in Manistee, Michigan.

    Fishing is starting to pick up! The perch are starting to come in but are still a little slow. The water is still a little too warm, but in the next couple weeks it should be turning out to be pretty good as long as the winds lay down!

Fishing report from Fred B. in Manistee, Michigan.

    Hard to believe another salmon season has come and gone here on northern lake Michigan. The last 3 weeks many salmon have left the big lake and entered into the river systems to do their spawning. However that does not mean that you cannot go out on the big water and still catch 1 in 2 year olds on the days that the wind allows you to get out" Shawna Stowers 22 hours ago @Ian O’Shaughnessy can we make sure all our midwest guides have their calendar good to go with seasonality this winter :face_with_cowboy_hat: 1

Fishing report from Fred B. in Manistee, Michigan.

    King Salmon fishing remains good here in August on northern Lake Michigan many 20 to 30 lbs catches. Salmon flys behind Attractors along with meat rigs behind attractors glo spoons working very early morning in the low light. Typically Salmon hang out in the Thermalcline upper 40° to 50° temps and prefer low light conditions.

Fishing report from John M. in Manistee, Michigan.

Fishing report from Fred B. in Manistee, Michigan.

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