Bonito Fishing Reports

Fishing report from Bill P. in Jacksonville, Florida. Book a trip with Captain Bill here.

Fishing report from Jonathan R. in Destin, Florida. Book a trip with Captain Jonathan here.

    The bite has been slow this week, between finding a good weather day to go and finding people that are brave enough to withstand the waves! The Bonita are thick as usual, the blackfin tuna have moved in closer to shore within 5 miles! The squid is thick and the tuna are right behind them! Plenty of small reef fish being caught and vermillion snapper! But not a lot of fish in season at the moment! Trigger are fun to catch even though we have to release them!

Fishing report from Kevin D. in Long Beach, California. Book a trip with Captain Kevin here.

Fishing report from Ryan S. in Manteo, North Carolina. Book a trip with Captain Ryan here.

Fishing report from Drew D. in Chatham, Massachusetts. Book a trip with Captain Drew here.

    Great bass fishing continues with a big push of false albacore and bonito in local waters in the last week. We have started to have shorter fishable windows due to fall weather, but with plenty of bait and warm water temps, we have a lot of fishing left to do.

Fishing report from Dave W. in Wilmington, North Carolina. Book a trip with Captain Dave here.

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