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Fishing report from Jason M. in Destin, Florida Book a trip with Captain Jason here.

Fishing report from Dusty M. in Corpus Christi, Texas

Fishing report from John G. in Key West, Florida Book a trip with Captain John here.

Fishing report from Steve H. in Freeport, Texas

Fishing report from John G. in Key West, Florida Book a trip with Captain John here.

Fishing report from Joe C. in Jacksonville, Florida

    With water temps dropping sub 65* action in the main river has slowed to primarily trout with sheepshead available on nice days which are far and few between. Water temps dropping doesn't mean slow fishing all the time though, in fact it's at its best in Jacksonville when it's cold. The best option for cold weather is 2 person flats boat trips. While the redfish limit has dropped to 1 per person in the last couple months it's reared it's head with an incredible bite from schools feeling way less pressure. Offshore when fishable is absolutely on fire. Lots of nice catches bottom fishing and great Tuna and wahoo trolling on the 10/12 hour trips. Right now until spring is a great time for the 4/6 hour trips to seabass fish with the great possibility to get lucky on a 4 hour trip gag grouper as they push in shallow with cool weather. Bonus pic of a super rare catch for us a small Warsaw grouper while Seabass fishing. Let's get out and fish!

Fishing report from Chris O. in Little River, South Carolina

    On the nearshore reefs there’s been a good push of larger flounder with most ranging from 18”-25”. The flounder have been biting mullet, pogies, and baby croakers in the 3-7”range using a Carolina rig 1oz -3oz depending on the tide. Best bites have been around the barges and APCs. If you get a pretty day there’s been a good push of grouper as shallow as 50-60ft on the ledges. The best baits have been pin fish and live pogies. Around the jetties there has been some trout redfish flounder and Spanish . Most of the trout have been caught on live shrimp floating down along the rocks anywhere from 5 to 10 foot down. You can catch some of the redfish using the slip corks with live shrimp or Just off the rocks on the outside and around the channel there’s been some bigger (over slot)redfish you can use cut bait (blue fish, pogies, mullet) or live pogies on a Carolina rig (2-3oz weight with 12”-16” 40lb fluorocarbon leader with a 8/0 circle hook. These bigger reds aren’t the main bull run which should start very soon but are more of our local fish pushing to the jetties with all the bait in the ocean. While fishing for these reds there is a good amount of flounder have been tight to the rocks and hanging around any bottom structure don’t be surprised if you catch them in the channel too. If you just fishing for flounder the outside of the jetties when the water is cleanest with a 1/4 ounce jig head with a finger mullet has been the best. If you start seeing an area with Spanish jumping and chasing mullet try anchoring in that area and start throwing live mullet around the boat on

Fishing report from Brian F. in Quepos, Costa Rica

    Fishing has been really good this week ! We have been catching MARLIN, sail fish ,dorado and big tuna ! Running dredges, teasers and lures. Live baiting and bait and switch.

Fishing report from Charles D. in Puerto Jiménez, Costa Rica

Fishing report from Tony Y. in Islamorada, Florida

    It has been fairly rough 2-4' sea consistently. Clean water one the edge into 40', then stirred up Water in shallower. Probably 80' of visibility off Islamoradas reef ledge

Fishing report from Larry W. in Islamorada, Florida Book a trip with Captain Larry here.

Fishing report from Jacob M. in Pensacola, Florida

Fishing report from Nick B. in Marathon, Florida

Fishing report from Lee C. in Galveston, Texas

Fishing report from Lee C. in Galveston, Texas

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