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A bobber, also known as a float or cork in some regions, is a small, buoyant device used in fishing to suspend bait or a lure at a predetermined depth in the water. Bobbers serve as visual indicators to anglers, signaling when a fish has taken the bait by moving or dipping below the surface of the water. Typically, a bobber consists of a buoyant material, such as plastic, cork, or foam, with a hole through which the fishing line passes. Some bobbers are round or oval-shaped, while others may have a more elongated or cylindrical design. Anglers attach the bobber to the fishing line above the bait or lure using a simple knot or clip. When fishing with a bobber, the angler casts their baited hook into the water and allows the bobber to float on the surface. As the bait sinks or is pulled by a fish, the bobber will either stay stationary or move along the surface, indicating activity below. When a fish strikes, the bobber may dip below the surface or move abruptly, signaling to the angler to set the hook and reel in the catch. Bobbers are commonly used in various fishing techniques, including bait fishing for panfish, trout, and other species in lakes, ponds, rivers, and streams. They are particularly popular among novice anglers due to their simplicity and effectiveness in detecting bites.

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