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A buzzbait is a type of topwater fishing lure designed to create noise and surface disturbance to attract fish, particularly bass. It typically consists of a wire frame with a propeller or blade attached to the front and a skirt or trailer behind. The propeller or blade spins as the lure is retrieved through the water, creating a buzzing sound and a surface wake that mimics the motion of a fleeing baitfish or insect. Buzzbaits are effective lures for fishing in shallow water, especially around vegetation, submerged structure, or other areas where bass are likely to be feeding. Anglers often use a steady retrieve with occasional pauses or jerks to vary the lure's action and trigger strikes from nearby fish. Buzzbaits are most commonly associated with bass fishing, but they can also be effective for targeting other predatory fish species, such as pike, muskellunge, and panfish. They come in various sizes, colors, and blade configurations to match different fishing conditions and preferences. Overall, buzzbaits are valued by anglers for their ability to cover water quickly, attract aggressive strikes from fish, and provide an exciting topwater fishing experience.

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