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A circle hook is a type of fishing hook that features a circular shape with the point of the hook pointing inward towards the shank, forming a slight curve. Unlike traditional J-shaped hooks where the point is angled toward the shank, circle hooks are characterized by their rounded shape. Circle hooks are designed to be self-setting, meaning they are intended to hook the fish in the corner of the mouth or jaw rather than deep in the throat or gut. When a fish takes the bait and swims away, the hook is pulled sideways, causing the point to rotate and embed itself in the corner of the fish's mouth. This reduces the likelihood of gut-hooking or deeply hooking the fish, which can increase its chances of survival if it is released. Circle hooks are commonly used in certain types of fishing where catch-and-release practices are encouraged or required, such as saltwater fishing for species like tarpon, billfish, and sharks. They are also popular for fishing with live bait or chunk bait for species like catfish and certain types of bottom-dwelling fish.

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