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A stringer is a long, narrow device used by anglers to hold and transport caught fish while fishing. It typically consists of a length of rope or cord with attached metal or plastic clips, hooks, or loops spaced along its length. Anglers use a stringer by inserting the clip or hook through the gills or mouth of a caught fish and then securing it in place to prevent the fish from escaping. The primary purpose of a stringer is to keep caught fish alive and fresh while allowing the angler to continue fishing without having to immediately clean or store the fish. By submerging the stringer in the water, the caught fish remain submerged and are able to breathe while being held securely. Stringers are commonly used by anglers who fish from piers, docks, shorelines, or boats where they have access to the water and can easily keep their caught fish in the water until they are ready to clean or release them. They are particularly useful for storing multiple fish or larger catches, as they allow anglers to transport and display their catch while fishing.

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