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"Pound-test" refers to the strength or weight capacity of a fishing line, typically measured in pounds (lbs). It indicates the amount of force, in pounds, that the line can withstand before breaking. Pound-test is an important factor to consider when selecting fishing line, as it determines the line's ability to handle the size and weight of the fish being targeted, as well as the fishing conditions and techniques being used. For example, if you're targeting smaller fish in calm waters, you may opt for lighter pound-test fishing line, such as 6-pound test, which is thinner and more sensitive but may not withstand the strength of larger fish or rougher fishing conditions. On the other hand, if you're fishing for larger, more powerful fish species or in areas with heavy cover or structure, you may choose heavier pound-test line, such as 20-pound test or higher, to provide greater strength and durability. It's essential to match the pound-test of your fishing line to the size and species of fish you're targeting, as well as the fishing techniques and conditions you'll encounter. Using the appropriate pound-test line ensures that you have the strength and durability needed to successfully land fish while minimizing the risk of break-offs or line failures.

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