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In fishing, the drag refers to a mechanism on a fishing reel that allows an angler to control the amount of resistance or pressure applied to the fishing line as a fish pulls it during a fight. The drag system helps prevent the line from breaking when a fish makes a strong run or sudden movements. The drag system typically consists of a series of washers or discs inside the fishing reel that create friction against the spool. By adjusting the drag setting, anglers can increase or decrease the amount of resistance on the line. A tighter drag setting increases the pressure required for the line to be pulled from the reel, while a looser setting allows the line to be pulled more easily. Properly adjusting the drag is crucial for successfully landing fish while preventing the line from breaking. Anglers often set the drag based on the size and strength of the fish they are targeting, as well as the fishing conditions and equipment being used. During a fight, anglers may need to adjust the drag to accommodate changes in the fish's behavior or to prevent the line from breaking under heavy tension. In addition to providing resistance during a fish fight, the drag system also helps protect the fishing rod, reel, and line from damage by absorbing the shock and stress of a fish's movements. Overall, the drag is an essential component of a fishing reel that allows anglers to effectively control and land fish while minimizing the risk of line breakage.

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