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Topwater fishing involves using lures that are retrieved across the surface of the water, creating splashes and commotion to attract fish. These lures, known as topwater lures, are designed to imitate prey species found near the surface, such as insects, frogs, or small fish. Topwater lures typically float or suspend on the water's surface and are designed to create surface disturbance and noise when retrieved, mimicking the movement of struggling prey. This action often triggers aggressive strikes from predatory fish. Examples of topwater lures include poppers, prop baits, walking baits, buzzbaits, frogs, and mice. Topwater fishing is popular for its excitement and visual appeal, as strikes occur in full view on the water's surface, resulting in explosive surface strikes and thrilling battles with fish. Anglers can target a variety of freshwater and saltwater species using topwater lures, including bass, pike, trout, redfish, and striped bass. Techniques such as popping, walking-the-dog, or pausing the lure can be used to entice strikes from fish. Overall, topwater fishing with topwater lures is an exhilarating and effective technique favored by anglers for its thrilling action and visual excitement.

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