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A wind knot, also known as a "wind-induced tangle" or "caster's knot," is a common issue that can occur in fishing when casting in windy conditions. Despite its name, wind knots aren't caused directly by the wind itself, but rather by casting techniques and line management. These knots typically form when the angler's casting motion creates excess slack in the fly line during the cast, particularly when casting into or across the wind. As the line travels through the air, the slack can lead to loops or coils forming in the line, resulting in a tangle or knot. Wind knots can be frustrating for anglers, as they can affect casting distance, accuracy, and overall fishing performance. They can also weaken the line and make it more prone to breakage. To prevent wind knots, anglers can take several precautions, including adjusting casting technique, using heavier flies or lures, and maintaining proper line management.

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